‘Africa is being re-colonised

‘Africa is being re-colonised by the corrupt’. Mathews Phosa

The former treasurer-general of the ANC has warned against Africa re-colonising itself as elements of state capture, nepotism and corruption become more prevalent.

‘Africa is being re-colonised

Phosa, a stalwart of the ruling party and struggle hero, has become increasingly critical of the ANC and especially Jacob Zuma; most recently insisting that the president do the honourable thing and step down in light of the Nkandla scandal.

“Such a second wave of colonialism would, in my view, be as bad as the first one, when Africa was colonised politically and economically,” he told News24.

Phosa recently received the Award for Excellence in Leadership at the 6th African Achievers Awards (AAAs)in Nigeria; joining the ranks of Desmond Tutu and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma as the third South African to receive the award.

“We should avoid situations where our people despair and say that democracy is not working for them. We need clean governance with clearly defined terms of offices and presidential terms for leaders. The voice of the people must rule,” he said.

He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the AAAs for the role he played in the struggle against Apartheid and establishing democracy in SA.

He noted that some people’s obsession with power has become a major concern for him.

“The late President Nelson Mandela walked away from power and became even more powerful because of it. Those who cling to power will always lose it, whether they stay in office or not.”