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Kenneth Meshoe, Leader of the ACDP / Photo by Luke Daniel,

ACDP slammed for sharing latest ‘placebo’ vaccine stance

The ACDP is taking a bashing for sharing more anti-vaccine rhetoric online. This time, the facts are just completely wrong..

salary R350 grant

Kenneth Meshoe, Leader of the ACDP / Photo by Luke Daniel,

Just under 38% of all South African adults are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. The goal laid out by government several months ago? That was to have around 70% fully vaccinated by this point.
So with the country now in a 4th wave and numbers surging thanks to the new Omicron variant, why are so many people still hesitant to get jabbed? Well, the ACDP is not exactly helping…

ACDP and vaccines: What is going on?

African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Meshoe already raised eyebrows a few months ago for accusing the South African government of using the country as “guineas pigs” for COVID vaccines. Speaking on eNCA, Meshoe insisted that government can not “use 70% of the population” for an “untested” vaccine.

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The problem? None of that is true. The vaccine (both Pfizer and J&J) have not only been thoroughly tested in SA. They have also been tested AND USED in most counties around the world.

The ACDP is now causing more anger amongst the health sector (and also just anyone that follows facts and science). This time, it’s thanks to a tweet asking “What percentage of all jabs in SA are just saline placebos?”.

Yes, seriously…

Let’s deal with the first question. The percentage of “saline solution placebo” jabs in South Africa is 0. The only people to have ever received placebos are those who took part in initial early phase trials of the vaccines. That’s long before our rollout began with the Sissonke protocol for health care workers.

None of the participants in that program received a placebo. And no placebos have been administered as part of the regular vaccine rollout either.

Not trusting the vaccine data and science is one thing. But you can’t make up your own falsehoods and spread them as misinformation.

Vaccine mininformation causes anger

Hundreds of South Africans have since taken to the replies to call the political party out. As you can see in the tweet above, many believe that the ACDP’s stance is putting lives at risk.

The party itself though, is not so convinced.

You can find the country’s latest vaccine rollout stats here. None of them are placebos.