Gautrain cars

Abandoned luxury: Millions owed on parking tickets at local airports

Try not to leave your luxury BMW there for over 15 years.

Gautrain cars

If you’ve ever driven through the Gautrain or an airport’s parking bays, you’ll know that it’s not that uncommon to see a couple of cars looking like they’ve been parked there for a little too long. Sometimes it’s the really old shitty looking ones and other times it’s a luxury BMW.

During the month of May, local travellers posted some pictures of the cars left standing and covered in dust. Seeing an Audi and BMW completely left behind was more than enough to get South Africans emotional about the situation.

Even us, we will help give that Audi a new home, guys…

IOL spoke to airport management at OR Tambo who confirmed that an unidentified car has been left at the airport for 15 years. Despite numerous attempts, no one knows who the owner is.

So, after 15 years of parking at OR Tambo, how much do you think your parking ticket will be? Not that much, folks, just a smooth R219 000.

No wonder the owner isn’t coming back to collect it.

The publication goes on to report that as of May, there are 75 abandoned cars in OR Tambo and the Gautrain’s parking lot. Some vehicles have been confirmed to be stolen and then dumped in the parking bays.

In other cases, the owners left the country and just left their car behind.

Just imagine, right now, there is a BMW Z4 Coupe just sitting there unused and completely covered in dust. This car’s owner was actually tracked down but there has still been no desire to collect the car.

It must be nice to have so much money that you can afford to abandon your BMW.

“My son used to drive it, but that was long ago,” he said. Asked if he knew what happened to it, he said: “You would have to ask him (Tumelo), I don’t know. It’s his car.”

The son did not answer his phone.

With airport parking prices ranging from R45 to R260 per day, the bills continue to rack up while airports are normally left stranded.

OR Tambo Airport has said that it’s unable to get rid of the vehicles as it does not have ownership rights or documentation. Additionally, metro police only act if the vehicle is abandoned on a public road.

It looks like that BMW and Audi may just be there for the foreseeable future.