A vote for Hlaudi is a vote for a better South Africa… apparently

Just like Batman’s Joker, SA’s real-life clown just won’t give up.


Disgraced former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng over the weekend asked a prophet to pray for him to become state president… we kid you not.

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Motsoeneng, who almost singlehandedly destroyed the national broadcaster and left it destitute, asked Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng – lol – to bless him so he can one day become president, no doubt emboldened by the incredibly low bar set by our current president.

 “When you pray‚ please pray for me. You should pray that I become the president of the country because in me you are going to see a different South Africa‚” Motsoeneng said, adding that he wouldn’t run in 2019 as he believes it’s time a woman leads the country, but that folks should discount him just yet.

“People are saying it’s the end of Hlaudi. Actually‚ it’s the beginning of a better journey for Hlaudi. The future is bright for Hlaudi. This is a test and I am enjoying it. I grew up in the street. I was starving‚ but I knew I’m different because God is with me,” he said.

According to Hlaudi, as he likes to refer to himself, it’s because he tried to change SA for the better than folks attacked him. It had nothing to do with the millions in taxpayer’s money he was paid to sink the SABC.

 “All people who are changing South Africa are under attack. I’m one of them.”