A small act of kindness is cre

A small act of kindness is creating ripples of change

When Johannes Mokobi met Karen Thomson in Muizenberg this morning, he had no idea that his life was about to change.

A small act of kindness is cre

Karen Thomson was in Muizenberg this morning when Johannes approached her. Instead of brushing aside his requests, Karen took the time to hear his story. This is what Karen posted on her Facebook page this morning:


I met Johannes in Muizenberg this morning. At first I wanted to dismiss him as another beggar just wanting something from me. Yes, the ignorance of being a privileged person.

I am so lucky I didn’t.

Johannes hasn’t had it easy… Abandoned as a baby at 3 months he grew up in an orphanage in Johannesburg. Unable to finish school he is washing cars and selling motivational posters he has made himself to raise enough money to do online computer courses.

He also has a laptop at Cash Crusaders that he is paying off.

Each module costs R600, he has managed to do 2 at an Internet cafe whilst staying at a homeless shelter in Retreat.

Can we save everyone? No.

Would I like to? Yes.

Is anyone able to help this young man by offering work experience? Paying towards another online module or helping with a laptop?

Johannes Mokobi is actually pretty amazing and has set up a car wash business to help fund his studies. Here is a reference someone posted on the thread:

‘This dude is awesome. He comes to our office every Tuesday and thru his car wash business he washes 8 – 10 cars.’

ALSO… He has a business plan… Watch this space. Johannes is destined for great things!

Thank you all for this magnificent and overwhelming response!

If you would like to assist Johannes in any way, click here.