Travellers will benefit from simplified logistics and reduced layover times. Image: Pixabay

A new direct flight from Joburg to South America has opened up

Thanks to a codeshare agreement, a new direct flight from South Africa to South America has been announced.


Travellers will benefit from simplified logistics and reduced layover times. Image: Pixabay

Kenya Airways (KQ) has expanded its codeshare partnership with South African Airways (SAA) to include direct flights from South Africa to South America.

Customers will now fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Johannesburg on one ticket.

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What is a codeshare agreement?

A codeshare agreement means that the two airlines have agreed to share flight services on specific routes – in this case, Johannesburg to Sao Paulo.

In a codeshare arrangement, one airline can place its flight code on the services operated by the other. This allows passengers to book and travel seamlessly using a single ticket, even though they may be flying on different carriers.

Last year SAA announced its first intercontinental route to Sao Paulo, Brazil, since the airline returned to the skies in September 2021, offering two flights a week out of Johannesburg (and two out of Cape Town.)

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The most direct flight

Julius Thairu, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer at KQ stated that this strategic partnership will offer travellers the most direct flight option from the region, contrasting with current routes that often involve transits through the Middle East, Europe or North America.

Thairu noted that enhancing connectivity and elevating the passenger experience will unite the strengths of the two leading African airlines.

“Focused on flexibility, convenience, and traveller choice, this alliance provides a superior option for those journeying between Africa and South America,” he said.

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“Notably, the South Africa-South America link through this collaboration stands out as the most direct, reducing the overall carbon footprint and contributing to sustainability in air travel.”

Thairu added that this partnership will ensure seamless onward connectivity, enabling customers to experience an integrated travel journey from Kenya Airways’ network to South African Airways’ South American network, all under one ticket.

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Travellers will benefit from simplified logistics, reduced layover times and an enhanced overall travel experience from Kenya to Brazil.

“Customers will now enjoy expanded strategic cooperation, offering enhanced connectivity and a superior joint offering. Together, we are dedicated to providing passengers with unmatched travel options, world-class services, and an expanded global reach,” he said.