Watch Important INFO on expiring SASSA cards for 2024 video

The social security agency has made a decision on expiring SASSA cards for 2024. Image: iStock

8 IMPORTANT announcements for SASSA beneficiaries

Postbank assures millions of Sassa beneficiaries that Sassa gold cards won’t expire in December 2023, addressing their concerns.

Watch Important INFO on expiring SASSA cards for 2024 video

The social security agency has made a decision on expiring SASSA cards for 2024. Image: iStock

In a remarkable move aimed at alleviating the concerns of millions of South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) beneficiaries. Postbank has announced that Sassa gold cards will no longer expire in December 2023.

This decision not only ensures continuity for beneficiaries. It also saves them from the inconvenience and expenses associated with switching to other payment methods.

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“This important development means that millions of social grant beneficiaries don’t have to change their Sassa gold cards to the cards of the other banks,” said Postbank spokesperson, Bongani Diako.

Here are the 8 key announcements

1. Sassa Gold Cards Don’t Expire: The expiration date for Sassa gold cards has been extended beyond December 2023, providing relief and assurance to Sassa beneficiaries.

2. Convenience and Cost Savings: The extended validity of Sassa gold cards ensures that beneficiaries can continue using them without the inconvenience and expense of switching to other payment methods.

3. Payments on Expired Cards Continue: Even after December 2023, beneficiaries can expect to receive their grants on expired Sassa gold cards in December and subsequent months.

4. Exclusive Mandate of Postbank: Postbank is the sole institution authorized to replace Sassa gold cards. Beneficiaries should be cautious of misleading information suggesting card replacements from other banks.

5. Sassa Gold Cards Remain Functional: Beyond December 2023, Sassa gold cards will continue to work as usual, ensuring uninterrupted access to social grant funds.

6. Convenient Withdrawals: Sassa gold cards allow beneficiaries to withdraw grants from a broad network of ATMs, including those of various banks and retailers like Boxer, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Usave, Spar, and Shoprite. This diversity minimizes the need to queue at Post Offices or cash pay points.

7. No Forced Purchases: Retailers cannot compel beneficiaries to make purchases before receiving their Sassa grants. Beneficiaries have the right to use their grant money as they see fit.

8. Transaction Benefits: Sassa gold cards offer various transaction benefits, such as free withdrawals at retail shops, free 3-month statements, and balance inquiries, empowering beneficiaries to receive their full grant amounts and save on transaction costs.

Extension of SASSA gold cards a positive step for Sassa beneficiaries

The extension of the Sassa gold cards validity is a positive step forward in ensuring that Sassa beneficiaries continue to receive their much-needed support with ease and convenience.

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This move not only saves beneficiaries from unnecessary costs, but also emphasizes their rights and financial freedom.

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