7 Things Motsoeneng said at hi

7 Things Motsoeneng said at his reappointment that will make you cringe

Wait, what?

7 Things Motsoeneng said at hi

Things are looking Hlaudi with a chance of havoc after Motsoeneng was appointed as Group Executive of Corporate Affairs at SABC, just a few days after being removed from his COO position. Public protector Thuli Madonsela has already said her office will be looking into the legality of the appointment, but for now, he’s not going anywhere.

As ever, Motsoeneng spoke little sense at the press briefing, but if you’re into masochism, here are a few quotes to make you cringe.

  1. “I cause havoc everywhere I go.”

Maybe stop going places, then?

  1. “I am aware that I sell you papers, and I am happy for you.”

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

3.”It was relevant to tell people to pay TV licences at Mandoza’s funeral because with licence fees you can pay artists.”


  1. “I believe were I am I do miracles.”

Like getting that R11.4 million bonus that apparently wasn’t approved by the board?

  1. “There is only one Hlaudi in South Africa and my future is in my hands.”

Actually, a quick Facebook search for the name reveals there are quite a few more.

  1. “I want to recognise people who recognised this wonderful Hlaudi Motsoeneng.”

You know you’ve cracked it when you refer to yourself in the third person.

  1. “I will never have stress.”

Must be nice.

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