7 kiff facts about our silent

7 kiff facts about our silent neighbour, Botswana

You almost never hear about anything exciting happening in Botswana, and that’s probably a good thing as they’re doing pretty damn well…

7 kiff facts about our silent

Our wealthiest neighbour and Sub-Saharan Africa’s sweetheart is a pretty neat place, if you’re ok with NEVER going to the beach.

Have a look at some of the awesome things making Botswana such a cool spot.

Bling bling motherf*cker! They’ve got the richest diamond mine in the world and Bots is the third biggest diamond producing country in the world. Canada and Russia take the other top spots.

Like father like son. Ian Khama, the British-educated president’s father used to be pressie as well.

Hakuna matata. 17% of Botswana’s total land mass is dedicated to nature conservation, way more than the 10% standard.

Law and order. The kgotla system is key in Setswana culture and is based on a system of democracy and free speech were every person in attendance has the right to speak their mind.

Freedom! Bots is the longest surviving democracy in Africa.

Ivory for days. Botswana has the largest elephant population in the world.

All about the benjamins. Their currency, the Pula, is stronger than the South African Rand

A lot of folks believe that if Botswana had a coastline it’d be one of the wealthiest nations in the world, what with its awesome leadership and vast natural resources. Oh and here’s one more fun fact, Julius Malema once called for regime change in Botswana and now he can’t go back.