South Africa national elections 2024

South African eligible to vote in the 2024 national elections have a little over 13 weeks to decide who gets their X. Image by Pexels

2024 Elections: Final registration dates and how to register

The Electoral Commission just announced the final registration weekend for the 2024 elections. Here’s everything you need to know.

South Africa national elections 2024

South African eligible to vote in the 2024 national elections have a little over 13 weeks to decide who gets their X. Image by Pexels

The second and final registration weekend for the 2024 elections has been set. As published in a South African Government media statement, the final dates for registering for the national and provincial elections are Saturday 3 February and Sunday 4 February 2024. New voters need to register on these dates to ensure they can vote in the elections. Register voters have been urged to check or update their registration details before the elections.

Although voting itself has to be done in person, the good news is that users can register or update their details online for South Africa’s 2024 National and Provincial Elections. The online voter registration portal has been experiencing slight delays according to the Electoral Commission’s website.

How to register in person for the 2024 elections

South Africans can vote in the 2024 elections by visiting their IEC local office. Details for each province can be found on the Electoral Commission’s local offices page. It’s important to call ahead and book an appointment first. New users will have to be South African citizens, be at least 16 years of age and have a valid ID to register to vote. South Africans can use their green ID book, smartcard ID or Temporary Identity Certificate to register. Registration may take up to 7 days to process.

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How to register online for the 2024 elections

Registration for the 2024 provincial and national elections can now be done online. As per the in-person registration process, a valid ID is required to register online. Online registrations may be delayed due to a high number of applications. South Africans are advised to wait for their SMS to confirm that they have been successfully registered online.

Where to vote

Although proof of address is not a requirement to register to vote, voters need to provide the Electoral Commission with an address or description of where they live. This will allow the Electoral Commission to place voters in their correct voting station. Voters who have moved can change their details via the online portal.

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Voting for South Africans abroad or South African correctional centers

South Africans who are living outside of the country can now also register to vote. Those living abroad can register via the online self-registration portal. South Africans who are in correctional centres can also register to vote. Family members or visitors are requested to bring those in correctional services the necessary documents required for them to register to vote.

How to check registration details

Those who registered online will receive a SMS to confirm registration but they can also check the Electoral Commission website to confirm their registration details. South Africans can also SMS their ID number to 32810. SMSs are R1 to receive their registration details.

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