2022 Census

KwaZulu-Natal residents have been urged to open their homes to officials for Census 2022. Image: @STATSSA / Twitter

Get ready: Government to visit your house for the 2022 census

It’s almost time for the 2022 census. Government officials will arrive at your door again to count who all lives in your household.

2022 Census

KwaZulu-Natal residents have been urged to open their homes to officials for Census 2022. Image: @STATSSA / Twitter

The South African government has confirmed the 2022 census is looming since the previous population count in 2011, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) said on Tuesday.


Stats SA has said the next big count will begin in February until March 2022. Next year’s data collection will be the fourth population count in post-apartheid South Africa, the census.

In simple terms, a census is the broadest data collection by a statistical agency, where every individual in the country is counted. “The data collected during a census is used for planning, policy, and evidence-based decision-making,” Stats SA says.

“Census data also provides content for a wide variety of programs and services used by different structures and communities across the country.”

“According to the Statistics Act (Act No.6 of 1999), a census in South Africa should be conducted every five years. However, a decennial census is undertaken and in between censuses, a large-scale survey called the Community Surveys is conducted every five years.”


The state agency made the announcement on social media before urging citizens to apply for temporary employment in data collection.

“StatsSA will undertake a population & housing census from Feb ’22. This will be the 4th population count since ’94. Registration for the HR Database is open,” Stats SA said.

Most of the work opportunity posts include fieldworkers/data Collectors, data capturing, and data processing.

General duties include door-to-door collection of information from households, capturing of information, sorting, coding, and quality checking of forms or any documents.

To register for the jobs, click here.

Meanwhile, the 2021 local elections results count is underway. As of 10:52 on Tuesday, 24 percent of the vote has been counted. The ANC continues to lead in eight provinces but it is losing ground as election results trickle in. The DA’s iron grip of the Western Cape is holding as the party passes the 1 million vote mark.