power outage Johannesburg

Eskom announces a ten-hour power outage on Thursday. Image: Pixabay.

17 Cape Town areas will be without electricity from 4 to 10 April

Cape Town areas that will be affected by the electrical maintenance include Kuils River, Parow, Bellville, Brackenfell, Rondebosch and more.

power outage Johannesburg

Eskom announces a ten-hour power outage on Thursday. Image: Pixabay.

There will be 26 electricity supply disruptions across the City of Cape Town metropolitan area during the week of Monday, 4 April, as the City continues its routine maintenance on electrical infrastructure.

Maintenance is scheduled for every day of the week from Monday to Sunday.


4 AprilParow SouthJunction08:0016:00
5 AprilKalkfontein, Kuils RiverTau, Mbila, Pudi, Qaqa, Dube, Houtkapper, Nku, Ingwe, Mfene, Thole, Mbongolo, Tlulapere, Nkonyane, Takani, Nkomo, Makou, Takbok, Bhokwe, Koena, Jakalashi, Olifant, Qhwahashi, Katana, Nyathi, Mvubu, Hlosi, Doroyhy, Kgomo, Ncanda, Seekoei, Mbabala, Qhude, Nkawu, Kangaroo, Sikelsla, Manyamo, Bonke, Mountfletcher, Phielandaba, Verenigde and Chrishani08:0016:00
5 AprilStrandDa Gama, Jennings, Volsteed and Broadway08:3018:00
5 AprilStrandDrake, Van Tromp, De Beers, Thompson, Beach and vicinity08:3018:00
5 AprilStrandHibernian Towers08:3018:00
5 AprilRondeboschGlen Darrach08:3015:00
5 AprilParow NorthJan Cilliers, Oerder, Christiaan Beyer, Olive Schreiner, Steynberg08:3014:30
5 AprilHout BayEmpire Avenue, Liverpool and Milner Avenue09:0016:00
6 AprilThorntonMimosa Avenue, Tecoma Crescent, Denneboom Avenue, Assegaailaan08:0016:00
6 AprilStrandGreen, St Andrews, Wentworth08:3018:00
6 AprilStrandTurnberry, St Andrews, Murfield08:3018:00
6 AprilThorntonRedgum Avenue, Assegaai Avenue, Denneboom Avenue, Cypress Avenue, Arixoma Avenue, Silveroak Avenue and vicinity08:3015:30
6 AprilRondeboschLinkoping08:3015:00
7 AprilBrackenfellArsenal, Chelsea, Oakbury, Lazio, Reservoir, Stonewood, Juventus, Rona, Etna, Latania, AC Milan, Cordon, Inter, Solera, Sauvingnon, Boekenhout, Suikerkan, Wildolive and Millenium Park08:0016:00
7 AprilPortlandsRiviera, Pall Mall, Etosha, White Hall, Piccadilly, Portobello, Mayfair, and Orly Close08:3019:00
7 AprilStrandBoundary, Webb, Alabama, Liberty, Mydrecht08:3018:00
7 AprilWynbergCoach and Kamfer09:0015:00
7 AprilStellenbergPatou, Amelia, Anneke, Amanda, Annabell, Alice and Springfontein09:0014:00
8 AprilParow, OosterzeeOxford Crescent, Devon Road and Hampton Road08:0014:00
8 AprilBellville SouthOop, Alibama, Osborne, Raap, Werda and Unie09:0016:00
9 AprilSybrand ParkGolf Course Road, Mount Clare Road, Dagbreek Road, Helderweg, Cressy Road and vicinity08:0015:00
10 AprilStrandMills, Kyle, Myburgh, Rabe, Bianco Park06:0018:00
10 AprilStrandFaraday, Edison, Kleinbos, Newton, Main, Rankine06:0018:00
10 AprilBellvilleShoprite, Portion of Vrede and Voortrekker07:3016:00
10 AprilMaitlandUnion Textiles (Loco Road)08:0016:00
10 AprilEppingLosack Avenue, Kinghall Avenue and vicinity08:0016:00

The City of Cape Town said its routine maintenance of infrastructure is how it is able to ensure that residents have access to a reliable supply of electricity.

Residents are advised to switch off appliances at the wall socket ahead of the maintenance to reduce the potential damage that could be caused by power surges.

“We encourage residents to always double-check on the City’s social media channels to see if their area will be affected by the regular electricity maintenance during the week.

“Where customers are affected by supply interruptions due to normal maintenance, they should receive a door-to-door notice ahead of the planned work,” said the City of Cape Town.