14-year-old boy shot in Wentworth. Image: Pixabay

14-year-old boy shot and seriously injured in Durban

A 14-year-old-boy was seriously injured and taken to hospital after he was wounded by a stray bullet in a shooting in Wentworth.


14-year-old boy shot in Wentworth. Image: Pixabay

A 14-year-old boy was shot and wounded in a shooting in Wentworth, south of Durban. The incident took place in Major Calvert Road on Thursday at around 7am.

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Teenager seriously injured in Wentworth

According to an incident report, police received a complaint of a shooting and when they arrived at the scene, bystanders informed them that the victim had been shot in the left shoulder and the left side of the neck.

The teenager was taken to hospital in a private vehicle. Two people have allegedly been arrested for attempted murder.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has been approached for comment. There have been several drive-by shootings in the Wentworth area after the past few months.

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‘Wentworth is a senseless shooting area’

In a similar case, a woman was struck by a stray bullet while walking in Wentworth in April.

Police told the “Daily News” that they were searching for suspects travelling in a Mercedes-Benz and a VW Tiguan.

The suspects reportedly pulled off near a block of flats on Croton Road in Wentworth and started firing shots in the direction of two flats not far from the road.

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Wentworth has become centre of such criminal activities in the past few months.

In another shooting incident, a 55-year-old Wentworth man, Craig Cochrane, was watching television in his lounge when he was struck by a stray bullet in early March. He later died from the gunshot.

In March, a 31-year-old man died in hospital following a shooting in Burgers Road and a 19-year-old man was attacked in Alabama Road and died minutes after arriving at hospital.

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