Several children are unable to join their peers in school. Image: Pixabay

1 394 learners unable to start school today

Several learners were unable to join their peers in school today as they have still not been placed in schools


Several children are unable to join their peers in school. Image: Pixabay

The Gauteng Department of Education is hard at work to place 1 394 grade 1 and 8 students who were not able to join their peers in starting school today, 11 January.

Department asks parents to be patient in their children returning to school

Gauteng Education MEC, Matome Chiloane, said that the department has already placed at least 290 751 learners.

Some 1 394 have still not been placed in schools.

Chiloane urged parents, particularly those in “pressure areas,” to be patient while the department processed the applications.

The majority of unplaced learners are from the Olifantsfontein and Kempton Park area.

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Working around the clock to assist learners

Chiloane said that the department is working around the clock and are engaging with schools.

Parents whose children have not been placed are assured that their children will be joining their peers in class soon.

“We know that patience is not endless but allow us, work with us and be patient with us. It’s a very delicate process but just know that we are aggressive in ensuring that we get these learners in classrooms,” Chiloane said.

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Children who are left unplaced and unable to go to school

The department have engaged with a church in Olifant where they have offered space to ensure that they assist the remaining 236 grade 1 applicants.

 There is an additional three mobile units that will be provided to increase class capacities to ensure all learners are placed.

“In Grade 8, Kempton Park area, we are still left with 501 unplaced learners. We are continuing to speak to our schools…to work together to ensure that we close off things” Chiloane said.

Another high-pressure area is Tshwane West, which has 223 unplaced Grade 8 students, and Johannesburg West, which has 434 unplaced Grade 8 students.

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