drivers licence

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Online licence renewal booking a problem? Here are our top tips

Are you struggling to get an online licence renewal booking? We’ve got you covered.

drivers licence

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South African motorists have been struggling for months trying to get online appointments for new driver’s licences or driver’s licence renewals.

If you are one of them, we have you covered with these useful tips from the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC).


You have to register a profile on the website You will also need to have your current driver’s licence on you to complete the application.

Click on “My Profile” and enter all the required information.

The system will indicate when an invalid driver’s card number was entered. It is therefore important that you enter the required information exactly as it appears on your driver’s licence.


You are not receiving a One Time Pin (OTP) when trying to make online bookings because of the following reasons:

  • Your internet connectivity could be slow or intermittent, as the online system sends OTPs immediately.
  • Your firewall could be blocking communication from the RTMC server.
  • The OTP could be in your spam folder.
  • There was an error when you entered the required information.
  • The contact details on the system are old or have not changed since the first registration on the NaTIS system as vehicle owner or driver.
  • You may have selected SMS as your preferred method of contact, but the OTP was sent to your email by default.
  • You are not receiving an OTP because there is a technical problem on the booking system. The RTMC will try to resolve issues as soon as possible.
  • You are receiving multiple OTPs which are invalid at the time of entering it in the OTP field. You need to remain on the OTP page as this happens if you keep on clicking the back button. If you go back it invalidates the OTP already sent. Do not click on the resend OTP button multiple times as this invalidates the OTP.


If an error continues to persist, you will need to send a copy of your driver’s licence card to for further assistance.