Red Bull

Red Bull launch the RB20. Image: @RBR_Daily/X

Red Bull RB20 launched, expect another Verstappen dominance

Red Bull is well-positioned to maintain a competitive edge over its rivals thanks to Adrian Newey’s series of innovative modifications.

Red Bull

Red Bull launch the RB20. Image: @RBR_Daily/X

Red Bull Racing revealed the RB20 car to the world on Thursday, with just a week to go until pre-season testing begins in Bahrain.

The year 2023 witnessed a momentous occasion in the history of the team as the renowned RB19 emerged victorious in 21 out of 22 races, including five out of six Sprints.

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Red Bull’s dominance was further reflected in the constructors’ championship, where they outperformed Mercedes by more than double the number of points.

Despite the rules and regulations remaining largely unaltered, Red Bull’s successor to the RB19 has taken a significantly different path.

Red Bull expected to dominate with Newey’s latest innovation

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The RB20 has the vertical inlets and with Adrian Newey set to remain in the team, Red Bull has an advantage locked in for years.

Sergio Perez said he was eager to elucidate the rationale behind the team’s deviation from the successful RB19.

“I think it just shows the hunger in this team, we had such a dominant car last year you wouldn’t imagine us changing the concept so much. I think it’s really brave from Red Bull to do that,” he said at the launch of the 2024 challenger.

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Perez finished second in last year’s championship and will look to challenge his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen this season.

The new Formula One season starts in two weeks, and the first race is in Bahrain.

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