Alonso Hamilton

Fernando Alonso speaks about Lewis Hamilton. Image: X

Alonso says he and Lewis Hamilton will never be friends

Alonso and Hamilton were teammates at McLaren in 2007, but tensions escalated when the Brit refused to ‘play along’ as the second driver.

Alonso Hamilton

Fernando Alonso speaks about Lewis Hamilton. Image: X

Two-time Formula One champion Fernando Alonso has once again opened up his rivarly with Lewis Hamilton back in 2007.

In the new documentary called ‘Fernando. Revealed’, the Spaniard touched on what transpired during his season with McLaren where Hamilton was his teammate.

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Having won two F1 tiles back to back with Renault, Alonso made a high-profile move to McLaren in 2007 and was paired with the Brit, who was a rookie at the time.

Many fans expected the two-time F1 champion to annihilate his young teammate but Hamilton proved to be more than a much for him.

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Alonso talks about the 2007 rivalry with Lewis Hamilton

Tensions escalated after a few races when the Brit refused to ‘play along’ as the second driver and having shown the ability to match and beat Alonso, the ex-McLaren driver then disobeyed the team rules and challenged his teammate.

At the end of the season, both drivers finished second and third in the drivers’s standing with Kimi Raikonnen winning the championship. Hamilton was hailed for not only finishing ahead of Alonso but out qualifying him throughout the season.

Alonso though, now looks back and admits both drivers were young and immature.

“Now there is another type of rivalry, I don’t think we will be friends in the future or that we will ever have… I think we don’t share many things,” he said as per Sportskeeda.

Alonso could move from Aston Martin to Mercedes next year

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“But it is true that in 2007 the rivalry rose to a higher level. There were many things that broke the relationship harmony of that year. We were young, immature, I was the first, and we had many clashes.”

Alonso said there was tenion and both drivers took a different direction mid-season in terms of car setups.

We were in the same team, the same garage, we travelled together many times, we were in the meetings and we began to notice that there was this friction, there was tension, we were playing for the World Championship and we were playing each race on Sunday.”

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“You arrive at the team meeting and you are seeing his telemetry, his ‘on board’ cameras of the car, and that, for example, his car goes a little ahead and when he speaks in the meeting he complains about the rear, things like that.” Alonso added:

“So that the team did not take a direction or take a philosophy to develop the car that would be good for both of us, but rather each one was already looking for their own thing, to have that extra advantage, because we were very evenly matched.”

Alonso is currently driving for Aston Martin while Hamilton is in his final year with Mercedes.