dillon smit

Rugby player Dillon Smit hits the road in his Vigus 5. Image: Supplied

Lions scrumhalf Dillon Smit on why he loves his JMCSA Vigus 5

Smit says his Chinese bakkie ride takes him everywhere and ticks all the boxes.

dillon smit

Rugby player Dillon Smit hits the road in his Vigus 5. Image: Supplied

If there’s one thing South Africans love, its cars, and let’s be honest, there is no denying that South Africa is proudly a “bakkie” country. We not only use them for leisure activity, but they also make up a large portion of the country’s commercial and lifestyle vehicles.

China has stepped up to the plate and taken note of this by introducing the JMCSA Vigus 5 which was nominated as a contender for the 2020 Car of The Year competition.

South African bakkie tastes catered for

Dillon Smit Vigus 5
Whether for rugby or leisure, Dillon Smit’s Vigus is raring to go. Image: Supplied

JMC has been is South Africa for 10 years and it would seem that the JMC Chinese automakers have taken note of South African tastes when it comes to twin cabs and bakkies.

They have managed to incorporate many of the elements South African consumers want in a vehicle, including technology, convenience, size, capability, speed and at a competitive price.

Dillon Smit makes memories in his Vigus 5

Professional rugby player Dillon Smit has been part of the JMCSA Vigus 5 family for the past 11 months.

We asked Smit what he loved most about the Vigus 5:

“My Vigus 5 has taken me to stadiums and back, on road trips with my wife and to some of my favourite holiday destinations – memories I’ll cherish forever!” 

The Vigus 5: Five things to love

JMC Vigus
The word ‘Vigus’ is derived from ‘vigour’, which embraces endurance, vitality and strength. Image: Motorpress

1. Vehicle power. You’ve gotta love a car with power. The Puma engine is the result of JMC’s successful collaboration with Ford. Who would’ve known! It is renowned for its long and trouble-free service life, along with low service costs. A willing yet refined, four-cylinder, 2.4-litre turbodiesel is the default engine choice, and, with 103 kW and 310Nm, there’ll be no waiting around.

2. International impact. Although a Chinese brand, JMC sources many of its underpinnings and parts from European manufacturers, which I think is awesome. Quality is key when it comes to parts and especially safety. This means you are getting parts from Borg Warner, Getrag, Bosch, Honeywell, Valeo, ZF and Denso in a Chinese-made vehicle.

3. Geared-up Interior. JMC has really come to the party in terms of the interior, which boasts a complete makeover, luxurious leather seats, steering wheel controls on an adjustable steering column, touch screen infotainment system and cruise control,to name just a few convenience items which I love and use, especially when on my way to practice.

4. Unified team. Beyond the vehicle, the team at JMCSA has been incredibly accommodating and so welcoming. They were efficient, helpful and very informative, which is important for anyone looking to purchase a new vehicle.

5. Structure. The Vigus features a unique structure, with a very distinctive front end which sets it apart from any other vehicle. The bold grille is a standout feature, while smooth, flowing flanks ensure the Vigus cuts easily through the air. The windscreen is steeply raked contributing to the efficient aerodynamics.

“The New Vigus also has a more SUV-like look and feel — it’s a style that grows on you!” said Smit.