hot weather driving

Driving in extremely hot weather condition can be challenging. Image: AA

Hot weather driving: 6 tips that will SAVE YOUR LIFE

South Africans are being exposed to more hot weather driving as temperatures soar, we have six tips to help you navigate extreme conditions.

hot weather driving

Driving in extremely hot weather condition can be challenging. Image: AA

Parts of the country have been experiencing conditions consisting of a heatwave. This can pose a big problem for motorists if they’re on the road driving in hot weather.

Thankfully, our friends at the Automobile Association of South Africa have several tips for motorists navigating the roads in extreme heat.

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High temperatures across the country will put a strain not only on people but also on our cars. From keeping your car cool to checking the pressure of your tyres, here are six tips to help navigate hot roads courtesy of the AA.

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1. Maintain coolant levels

Checking your coolant level is key to preventing your engine from overheating. While you’re looking in on the coolant levels, take the time to check your water levels, too, says the AA.

2. Make sure your air conditioning works, vital in hot weather driving

Air conditioning is vital for many South African motorists as the summer temperatures can make things unbearable. Make sure your air-con is serviced and checked to ensure it works optimally.

3. Check tyres pressure

Here’s a little-known fact: tyre pressure is likely to increase in hotter temperatures. Thus it’s important to check your tyres and inflate or deflate them to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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4. Keep yourself and your passengers hydrated 

Driving in hot weather can sap our energy more so than in cooler temperatures. Thus it’s important to keep hydrated and take regular breaks if you’re feeling lethargic at any time.

5. Find shady parking spots 

A good tip to maintain your car’s condition and decrease the amount of heat entering the car is to park in a shady area. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be harmful to one’s skin and a car’s bodywork.

6. Extreme hot conditions can affect electric cars more 

And finally, as more South Africans purchase electric cars they should be mindful that extreme temperatures, both high and low, can greatly reduce the charge of your battery.