Sean Parker lists the most fuel-efficient cars on sale in South Africa. Image: Motorpress / Netcarshow

FUEL PRICE increase: SA’s 5 MOST FUEL-EFFICIENT cars you should consider

The recent fuel price increase has prompted us to take a look at five fuel-efficient cars you should consider if you’re in the market.


Sean Parker lists the most fuel-efficient cars on sale in South Africa. Image: Motorpress / Netcarshow

The fuel price increase has knocked many South Africans motorists this week. The headlines are that both grades of petrol increased as well as diesel.

In South Africa’s inland regions a litre of unleaded 93 rose from R22.06 to R22.43, while unleaded 95 rose from R22.46 to R22.83. At the coast a litre of 93 unleaded rose from R21.34 to R21.71

For motorists with diesel-powered vehicles the price of a litre of diesel rose by 71c per for 50ppm and 72c for 500ppm, according to IOL.

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With motorists paying more for fuel in South Africa we thought a helpful guide for those in the market for a car that is fuel efficient is needed.

Here are the five most fuel efficient cars based on claimed consumption figures released the car manufacturers.

1. Fiat 500 – The Italian company says the diminutive hatchback has a claimed consumption of four-litres per 100km. It’s powered by a sub one-litre turbocharged petrol engine producing 63kW and 145Nm.

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The Fiat 500 underwent a refresh in 2021. Image: Netcarshow

2. Suzuki Celerio – The Japanese carmaker builds the tiny Celerio in India and it uses 4.2-litres per 100km for the automatic model using a 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated engine with a measly 49kW and 89Nm.

Thankfully those low power figures

fuel price
The Suzuki Celerio is the most fuel-efficient model in the Japanese carmaker’s local range. Image: Motorpress

3. Toyota Vitz – The new Vitz makes it onto our list by virtue of being mechanically identical to the Celerio. The automated manual version boasts a claimed consumption of 4.2-litres per 100km, according to MyBroadBand.

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Driving impression
Sean Parker gives his driving impression of the new Vitz, Toyota’s cheapest car. Image: Motorpress

4. Suzuki S-Presso – Another good pick on the list considering the fuel price increase is Suzuki’s S-Presso. Its popularity among the e-hailing fraternity is not a mistake. Suzuki says the AMT version uses just 4.4-litres per 100km.

fuel price
Suzuki S-Presso: S-Edition now a part of model range. Photo by Suzuki

5. Volkswagen Polo Vivo TSi – The second turbocharged car on the list is the Polo Vivo GT. It’s locally built uses a 1.0-litre engine producing a healthy 81kW and 200Nm.

Volkswagen says the hatchback uses 4.6-litres per 100km.

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