Drive a brand-new Toyota

Toyota’s Kinto One allows you to drive a brand-new Toyota for less. Picture: Toyota SA.

The incredible DEAL that puts first-time buyers into a brand-new Toyota

Here’s how you can drive a brand-new Toyota and pay no deposit or maintenance costs.

Drive a brand-new Toyota

Toyota’s Kinto One allows you to drive a brand-new Toyota for less. Picture: Toyota SA.

13 016 South Africans drove away in a brand-new Toyota in June 2023. For another month, Toyota was the most popular car brand in South Africa … and by a large margin.

Retailing 3 792 Hiluxes, 2 115 Corolla Crosses and 1 639 new Fortuners represents a month-on-month sales growth of 14.2% and a market share of 27.8% in South Africa.


Now the company offers an incredible deal where you can drive away in a brand-new Toyota without paying any deposit, warranty, service and maintenance costs. You don’t have to pay license or registration costs, and you get 24-hour roadside assistance and vehicle recovery.

So, what’s the catch?


New Toyota Vitz. Picture: Toyota SA.

There is none. It’s called Kinto One, and its Toyota South Africa’s new subscription service helps cash-savvy South Africans into a brand-new Toyota for less than buying without dealing with many of the costly hassles of ownership.

You can visit Toyota’s Kinto One website and select the car you wish to drive. Almost all Toyotas come with a Kinto One deal. However, as it’s mostly aimed at entry-level motorists entering the market for the first time, an enticing introductory promotion exists for the Toyota Vitz 1.0 MT.

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The offer lets consumers get behind the wheel of the entry-level hatch for just R2 999 per month. This is for a minimum-length term of 12 months or 18 000 km (1 500 km per month).

You can extend the mileage or duration as you wish, and you will pay a little more. If you don’t drive more than 500 km per month over 60 months at a 30 000 km cap, you’ll pay R3 136.75 monthly.


  • A top-spec Toyota Vitz 1.0 MT XR will cost R4 360.37 over 60 months/30 000 km.
  • Toyota’s Starlet 1.5 MT XS will cost R4 769.62 per month.
  • The Toyota Corolla Quest R6 876.50.

And so it goes up the Toyota product range. Hell, you can even get a Toyota Land Cruiser 300, which will set you back R21 095 per month.

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For each Kinto One deal, the mileage can be increased to a maximum of 4 000 km per month, which sees the cost rise. And there are additional options for different contract lengths, too.


BuyingKinto One
Starting priceR189 900R0
DepositR18 000 R0
Term 60 months60 months
Balloon R0R0
Interest rate11.75%0%
Cost per month R3 854.39R3 136.75

Take the new entry-level Toyota Vitz if you bought it at the current asking price of R189 900. Paying an industry-standard deposit of 10%, R18 000, you would need to finance the balance of R171 900.

At the current interest rate of 11.25%, your estimated monthly repayment through Wesbank would be R3 854.39, and R54 016 would be interest alone. The total cost over the five years would be R231 263. This is R718 more each month than the Kinto One subscription.


brand-new Toyota
New Toyota Vitz. Picture: Toyota SA.

Looking at these figures, the Kinto One subscription service is the more cost-effective and hassle-free route to a brand-new Toyota for a first-time buyer. Especially factoring in warranty, service, license, registration and maintenance costs.

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A downside, of course, is that you don’t own the vehicle outright. You are limited to the terms of your contract and how far you can drive every month. You also don’t get to keep or sell the vehicle at the end of the contract to put funds towards another car.

This means you’ll likely have to stay within the Kinto One system when you want to upgrade. Nevertheless, Toyota’s Kinto One is an excellent mobility solution for cash-savvy consumers in a tough economic climate.