parking violations

Unpaid parking tickets could come back to haunt you at your next traffic-officer stop. Picture: RTMC.

COUGH UP: Here’s what you’ll pay in SA for all parking violations

Parking violations bring in millions of revenue into municipal coffers each year. Here’s what you’ll pay for your next one.

parking violations

Unpaid parking tickets could come back to haunt you at your next traffic-officer stop. Picture: RTMC.

Getting back to your car only to find you’ve got a parking ticket is a surefire way to empty your wallet and ruin your day. Parking in any major South African city has become an expensive undertaking, with traffic authorities ready to pounce on any parking violations.

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You might find yourself in a hurry and just think “to hell with it”. Or you might genuinely not care about racking up parking violations … but you should think again. Because traffic fines are BIG business for local governments.


parking violations
Here’s what you’ll pay for all parking violations. Picture: RTMC

Traffic fines (not just parking violations) make up more than 1% of total municipal revenue in South Africa. We’re talking in excess of R2.5 billion in Gauteng and R2.2 billion in the Western Cape, according to the latest figures from Stats SA.

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Here’s the cost of all parking violations in South Africa currently, so you know what you’re in for the next time you’re in a hurry and decide to just park anywhere. Some are common sense, most you should remember from your learner’s and driver’s test, but some might surprise you …


Stopping or parking:
Opposite a vehicle where road is less than 9 metresR1 0003
Opposite an excavation or obstructionR1 0003
Within 6 metres of a bridge or tunnelR1 0003
Within 6 metres of narrow portion of roadR1 0003
Constituting a danger or obstructionR1 0003
Within the railway reserve of level crossingR1 0003
On the wrong side of the roadR1 0003
In contravention of a no-stopping signR7502
On a freeway illegallyR5001
In contravention of any road signR2500
Double parked R2500
Within 9 metres of a pedestrian crossingR2500
Where width of road is constrictedR2500
Within tunnel or on a bridgeR250 0
Obstructing a fire hydrantR2500
Obstructing a traffic signR2500
On the sidewalkR2500
On non-urban road within 1 metre of the edgeR2500
Blocking entrance to a public road R2500
Within 5 metres of an urban intersectionR2500
On the actuating mechanism of a robotR2500
Further than 450 mm from the kerb R250 0R2500
On road less than 5,5 metres wideR2500
On a traffic island or pedestrian mallR2500

There are currently 2 659 offences listed on the AARTO website, click the link HERE to check the full list of fine amounts.


As a reminder on the driver demerit points system, after years of legal wrangling, the AARTO Act has been upheld in the Constitutional Court. Declared constitutionally valid on Wednesday 12 July 2023, Chief Justice Raymond Zondo upheld the contentions that the AARTO Act falls within the functional area of ‘road traffic regulation’.

After many false starts it appears the path is finally clear for the driver demerit system to come online. Motorists can accumulate 15 demerit points on their license before it is suspended. An expired license can only be suspended twice before it is cancelled.

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AARTO encourages motorists to check the status of infringement notices against their name by visiting the website:

  • Click on Query my Fine.
  • Provide your ID number and driving license number.
  • Juristic entities can provide their business register number and the ID number of a proxy.