2021 kia carnival sedona 2021

The 2021 Kia Carnival. Image: Supplied

Next-generation Kia Carnival enters new ‘space age’ with futuristic cabin

Kia turns its attention to comfort and space with stylish new ‘Spatial Talents’ design concept built into the interior of its new Carnival.

2021 kia carnival sedona 2021

The 2021 Kia Carnival. Image: Supplied

Joining the wave of carmakers who are paying increasing attention to vehicle cabins and the role they play in the overall driver and passenger experience, South Korean automaker Kia this week unveiled its new-look interior for the next generation Kia Carnival.

While known as the Carnival in its domestic and other markets, Kia’s fourth-generation and flaship minivan is known as the Grand Sedona in South Africa, and in other countries.

The all-new, next-generation Grand Sedona will be launched in South Africa in 2021.

And while more details around the Sedona, including the specifications for the South African market along with powertrains and transmissions, will be released closer to the local launch date, Kia’s Carnival reveal provides more than a taste of what’s to come.

Stand-out features

Shown here in Korean specifications guise, the Asian manufacturer said this week that its Carnival offered a number of new stand-out features.

These include the futuristic and versatile interior for the new minivan and a spacious, comfortable and futuristic interior — thanks to “Spatial Talents” design concept.

A panoramic dashboard display with haptic touch control, intelligent packaging and comfortable seating across three or four rows and best-in-class cargo space and practical storage areas for passengers complete the list of headline attributes.

‘Young family’ market

Image: Supplied

Directed at the “young family” market,  Kia believes the new Carnival delivers an unrivaled combination of innovation, flexibility and style, all designed to satisfy both driver and passengers.

“Like its predecessor, the Carnival boasts significant levels of space for passengers in all rows.

“Designers have created a greater sense of roominess inside, combined with a renewed sense of modernity and style. The new Carnival provides passengers in all rows with a futuristic, relaxed space in which to spend journeys,” said Kia.

High-tech ambiance: Futuristic, spacious cabin

“The interior of the fourth-generation Carnival represents an increase in quality and design over its predecessor, with a futuristic new cabin for the 2020s.

The high-tech ambiance is most obvious in its wide, wrap-around dashboard, with a high fascia that is elegant in its simplicity and cutting-edge in the array of features it offers,” said the automaker.

Commenting that the dashboard seamlessly integrates dual-screen infotainment technologies with haptic touch controls, placing the driver in command of their very own cockpit, Kia said the dash itself is accented by high-tech two digital displays all under one piece of glass.

“It links Kia’s latest 12.3-inch digital driver instrument cluster and 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment and navigation system. This display provides a wide variety of useful information across its 12.3-inch split screens.”

“Many infotainment functions can be controlled using touch-sensitive buttons around the screen, with a similar panel further down the center console for the climate control system.

“A shift-by-wire dial for the transmission at the base of the center console further expresses the new Carnival’s sense of technology and modernity,” explained Kia.

Utility in abundance

The manufacturer said the minivan boasts “an abundance” of intelligent interior packaging and cabin storage area.

“The Carnival’s 22-year heritage is one of spaciousness and versatility, and the new model takes this to the max, based on the ‘Spatial Talents’ interior design concept created by Kia’s design teams,” it said, adding that the latest-generation Carnival benefits from a longer wheelbase, a longer rear overhang, and a wider body.

Accordingly, said Kia, the result is more interior space for passengers in all three or four rows.

“Depending on the market, the Carnival offers owners three or four-row seating configurations, with space for seven, nine or 11 occupants in total.

In its popular seven-seat configuration, the Carnival boasts Kia’s reclining “captain’s chairs” for second-row occupants, with adjustable backrests, armrests and leg rests providing “business class” seating for comfort on long journeys.”

Kia said the new model “excels at providing practical storage options for occupants, with a range of new features for stowing, supporting and even charging electronic devices and smaller items”.

Second-row occupants get access to back-of-seat USB chargers, storage nets for mobile devices, and a new storage drawer in the base of the rear console, with a tray for storing tablets or phones above a larger storage area.

Facts, figures and configurations

“The Carnival’s 30mm longer wheelbase (up to 3,090mm) and 10mm wider body (up to 1,995 mm) further enhances utility for families and professionals.

“The overall length of the new Carnival grows by 40mm to 5,155mm, with a 30mm longer rear overhang (up to 1,130mm), creating more space for third-row passengers and best-in-class luggage space with it,” concluded Kia.