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LOTTO: Ways to play for the big jackpots

The LOTTO jackpots are in, and you could win more than R50 million in the combined Powerball jackpot – plus more! Here’s the deal.

Bafana Bafana

Bafana Bafana supporters. Image: Wikimedia

The National Lottery (LOTTO) jackpots are going bigger this week, with more than R40 million to be won in the Powerball.

You could be the next national lottery winner.

However, you have to buy your tickets if you want to participate!

Get your LOTTO tickets this week for a chance to win.

Here’s what you could be playing for.

LOTTO: Ways to play

The National Lottery has several ways to play.

Buy your tickets from participating LOTTO retailers, or play lottery games via your banking app. You can also get tickets through the National Lottery app, and create an account.

Remember to keep your ticket details!

Could you be the next big lottery winner?

Play to find out!

However, check results to see if you’ve won, or you might miss out on the news.

You can find updated results on The South African website. Results are also on the National Lottery’s website.

LOTTO jackpots this week

The LOTTO jackpots have gone big.

Can you imagine winning the big jackpot?

You could win an estimated R13 million in the weekly draw. Respectively, you can also win R3 million in the PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 draws.

What if you win the lottery?

What if you never played?

Could you win the Powerball and also win another jackpot?

However, there’s still more you could win.

LOTTO Powerball Jackpots

The LOTTO Powerball jackpots are another winning shot at the jackpot.

You could be playing for an estimated R49 million in the Powerball jackpot, plus a cool R22 million in the Powerball PLUS draw.

Have you bought your LOTTO tickets?

Are you going to buy your LOTTO tickets?

You can’t afford to miss this chance!

On the other hand, there are many other LOTTO games you can play.

Sportstake Jackpots

LOTTO also gives you the weekly Sportstake jackpots.

Sports fans could win almost R400 000 for choosing the right scores. Here’s what you could win, according to the National Lottery’s website:

  • Sportstake 4: R1 000
  • Sportstake 8: R398 000
  • Sportstake 13: R180 000

You can also play for the Cricket and Rugby jackpots, worth R1 000 each.

Daily LOTTO: Guaranteed daily jackpots

Don’t forget about the daily lottery jackpots!

You can also play for the daily LOTTO jackpots, worth a different amount every day. Wins are guaranteed, and you could stand a chance to win thousands each day.

However, you can also play many other, instant games.

Have you played yet?

LOTTO: Get the app today

Remember that you can also play using the LOTTO app, which is available on their website. You can play in minutes, using your Wallet for cash and deposited wins.

Play today!

However, you can play through your banking app too.

Remember you can also buy your tickets from national retailers.

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