This bundle of joy really doesn’t want to go to school. Images via Facebook: Phutis Mpheroane

Yikes! Bundle of joy destroys uniform with sand to avoid school [watch]

For this little one’s folks, the first day of school was a disaster because she tried to avoid the classroom by showering herself with sand!


This bundle of joy really doesn’t want to go to school. Images via Facebook: Phutis Mpheroane

For many little ones, the 12 of January was their first day of school. As they do every year, thousands of parents flocked online to share snaps of their little ones wearing school uniforms for the first time ever. A hilarious clip has also surfaced of a little girl who was not happy to be going to school for the first time.

Little girl takes a sand shower in her new uniform right before school

Starting school for the very first time is a proud moment for every parent. And so on the day that many schools open, many parents make sure that their little ones are dressed up neatly and looking perfect for their first photo in their little uniforms.

For two unknown parents, however, the first day of their little one’s schooling career ended up pretty disastrous after their little girl tried with all her might to boycott the special day.

In a viral video clip that has been shared on Facebook by Phutis Victoria Mpheroane, the child can be seen wearing her school clothes – and she isn’t happy about it. In an attempt to halt plans of taking her to school, she then starts to shower herself with sand.

Once she sees that her dirty uniform is not enough to stop them from taking her inside the schoolyard, she then makes a run for it. Unfortunately, the video ends before we get to see whether or not she ever entered a classroom.

Here’s what Facebookers had to say:

Loraine Segwale said:

“There will always be that legend that ain’t about this school thing.”

Paseka Themba said:

This is wrong instead of laughing they not assuring the child that it’s okay to go to school mxm”

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