Woolworths R2125 bill.

Woolworths R2125 bill. Image via Twitter @_blackza

‘Woolworths is not bad’: X users respond to R2125 grocery video

‘That food is for two weeks’: South Africans took to social media on Sunday to respond to a man’s R2125 grocery receipt from Woolworths.

Woolworths R2125 bill.

Woolworths R2125 bill. Image via Twitter @_blackza

A video of a South African man’s grocery receipt went viral on X when he shared, he bought his food at Woolworths for R2125.


A South African man @_blackza took to X on Sunday, 14 April to share a video of groceries he bought at Woolworths for R2125.

“What R2125 gets you at Woolworths,” he captioned his video.

In the video, it appears the man didn’t include cheese, milk, bread, sugar, rice, cooking oil or eggs on his grocery list.

South Africans were divided about his grocery list as many revealed that it won’t last a month and there are so many things missing.

While some stated that the popular retailer, famously known as Woolies is not as expensive as many think compared to other retailers.


@OnkeBlack: “Still a lot missing but in general Woolies is not as expensive as many think it is… if some of these items were replaced by more practical everyday items like Bread, Milk, Oil, Sugar it would be even cheaper. At Pick n Pay this would cost more.

@titibucee: “He mainly bought combo. The only thing that I would say is expensive at Woolies is meat. And he bought sausages and mince which are affordable. The spaghetti is R60, the veggie combo is less than R150, the kitchen towel is R40 or R60 for 2. The can tomatoes are also affordable.”

@LoveMandy4: “For two weeks at least. And seshabo se a shota (there’s no meat). There’s no cheese and ham. No milk, no bread, no sugar, no rice, cooking oil no eggs. Man, so much is missing.”

@Siga948031501: “I just need this kind of challenge in Shoprite shopping in the same amount of groceries and see what it will come with.”

@Morakane4182591: “I would starve…. there isn’t enough meat, don’t see milk and cereal…no toiletries, no washing detergents.”

@mirandabeta4741: “That’s not enough even if you live alone, there is lot missing, and it’s still a lot of money for stuff that won’t even last you a month.”

@fulungwana: “Woolworths is not that expensive compared to other stores and they have lot of combos and special. Meat after 2pm also goes as cheap as 30% off.”