woolworths, juice

A Woolworths customer made a shocking discovery inside her boxed beverage.
Images via X: @lu_lulama

Yikes! Woolworths customer discovers ‘intestines’ in boxed juice

What’s in the box? This Woolworths customer made a disturbing discovery inside the carton of her fruit juice. Take a look…

woolworths, juice

A Woolworths customer made a shocking discovery inside her boxed beverage.
Images via X: @lu_lulama

A Woolworths customer has shared the gruesome discovery she found inside a popular juice carton.

The customer – who uses the X handle @lu_lulama – claimed she was “traumatised” after finding what appeared to be “intestines” in the house brand beverage.

Last year, the retailer made headlines after a consumer found a live rat in the frozen meat fridges of a Cape Town branch.

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On Wednesday, 31 January, @lu_lulama shared a look inside her Woolrths brand juice cartoon.

She tweeted: “Just found this inside a @WOOLWORTHS_SA  juice bottle.

“We poured the juice and black stuff was coming out. We shook the bottle & could feel there was something else inside. We opened the bottle & this is what we found.  What is this?”

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In another tweet, the customer added: “This looks like intestines or something. I’m disgusted and traumatised! Taking all of these juices back. I’m never buying them again!”

In the comments section, many tweeps shared their horror and disgust.

@brendamavela187: “I’ve stopped buying boxed liquids. Even milk. If I can’t see what’s at the bottom, I’m not buying it.”

@KennyTshweu: “Which store? I’m stressed now. I buy these juices almost every week.”

@TsikaSamuel: “Why are we not suing @WOOLWORTHS_SA  for all these body parts found in their beverages?”

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In their official response, Woolworths posted on Twitter the following:

“Oh no, that’s definitely not the juicy surprise we aim for, Lulama! We’re so sorry for the unexpected twist in your sip. Let’s sort this out – could you please DM us your contact details and more info about the product?”

Needless to say, many social media users were not impressed with the company’s “casual” response to the concerns.

Will you continue to buy boxed beverages after this discovery? Let us know in the comments below…