Window box gardening made easy

Image by: Tom Flemming.

Window box gardening made easy – just follow these seven top tips

As the world frets about food miles and shrinking natural resources, take matters into your own green-fingered hands with these great ideas… even if you’re in the heart of the city.

Window box gardening made easy

Image by: Tom Flemming.

Forward Planning

It’s all too easy to take the magpie approach when you get started. Enthusiasm is no bad thing of course, but raiding the local garden centre’s seed shelves because the pictures on the packets looks pretty is not the route to horticultural happiness.

Consider things like how much sunlight your box will get, as well as exactly what you would like in it, before you crack on. You’ll save time, effort and cash.

Keep It Colourful

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Here’s where you have fun and let your imagination take you on a journey. Add splashes of interest to your boxes with flowers like marigolds or lobelia.

And for an extra artistic touch, how about painting the planter itself? You might even have a child in the house who could do that for a small bribe free.

Feeding The Masses

All the satisfaction of planting, nurturing, seeing things grow… and you get something back at the end!

There are all sorts of things you can grow in containers, large and small. If you’re just starting out, try peppers, carrots or potatoes for a low-maintenance nibble and see how you get on.

End up with a bumper crop that you can’t possibly eat by yourself? Be a generous sort and share with friends and neighbours. You’ll feel great about it, we promise.


Yoghurt pots, glass jars, old office drawers… loads of old junk can be re-purposed and the easiest way is to turn it into planters.

Just pop some drainage holes in the bottom, maybe add that lick of paint and you have the perfect, free container for your next window ledge wonder.

Give Nature A Helping Hand

If you leave room for a few insect-friendly plants, the little buzzers will repay you by pollinating more of your flowers and veggies for a better display and a bumper crop.

So it’s a good idea for you and good for the environment too, as our stripy friends in particular need all the help they can get at the moment.

Be Wise With Water

Whether you’re in drought-ridden South Africa or further afield, there’s no harm in keeping H2O on the down low. Succulents and certain herbs are a good idea for this – and what about a cornucopia of cacti to sharpen things up?

In any case, you have a life to live. Less watering equals less responsibility – and more time to spend elsewhere.

Have You Herb The One About…

Often easy on the watering, great for pollinators and providers of colour and interest – it’s no wonder the humble herb is a staple for the window box beginner.

What’s more, you have ingredients for almost any bit of cooking right at hand as well as a great scent from your container 24/7. Oh, did we mention they’re dead easy to look after, too?

Start with any or all of parsley and basil in one container – and rosemary, oregano and thyme in another. Just keep in mind what lives happily alongside what and you’re off and away.