Woolworths Dash groceries. Image: X/Twitter

Will Woolworths Dash overtake Checkers Sixty60?

South Africans embrace the convenience of online grocery and delivery, fuelling growth for Woolworths Dash.


Woolworths Dash groceries. Image: X/Twitter

South African consumers are increasingly embracing the convenience of on-demand grocery delivery, and Woolworths is among the retailers vying for market share. The company’s Woolies Dash service experienced a significant 46.6% year-on-year jump in online sales in the 26 weeks to December 26th, 2023.

This surge in activity contributed 5.1% to Woolworths Food’s overall South African sales figures.

Growth in Grocery Delivery

The online grocery delivery market in South Africa has flourished in recent years. Shoprite Holdings’ Checkers Sixty60 app, a pioneer in this space, continues to hold a commanding lead with a remarkable 63.1% half-year sales growth.

However, Woolworths Dash’s impressive expansion signals its growing competitiveness alongside other major players like Pick n Pay and Spar. Furthermore, retailer-agnostic platforms like Massmart’s OneCart and the independent Zulzi app offer consumers even greater choice and flexibility.

Woolworths Adapting

Woolworths Dash’s growth mirrors the broader shift towards online shopping in South Africa. Consumers are seeking speed, convenience, and the ability to shop from the comfort of their homes.

Retailers are rapidly adapting to meet this demand, recognizing that on-demand delivery is a key area for driving sales and market expansion.

Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite positive trends in its online ventures, Woolworths faces a broader economic landscape marked by challenges. A 7.5% drop in half-year earnings underscores the impact of South Africa’s persistent energy and logistics crises on consumer spending.

The retailer acknowledges that these factors have “negatively impacted footfall, resulting in a greater-than-expected pullback in discretionary spending.”

Woolworths: Future Outlook

The future of Woolworths Dash holds both promise and uncertainty. Navigating South Africa’s economic complexities will be crucial for sustained growth in the online delivery sector.

As competition intensifies, Woolworths will need to continue innovating and offering compelling value to a consumer base increasingly sensitive to price and reliability.