Will & Grace reunite to poke f

Will & Grace reunite to poke fun at the 2016 US presidential candidates [video]

The cast of Will and Grace reunited for one special (and hilarious) election episode and it’s almost like old times.

Will & Grace reunite to poke f

Will and Grace last aired in 2006, and to everyone’s surprise the cast reunited to release a scene about the 2016 presidential debate in America. In the scene you will see the cast getting up to their usual shenanigans – this time with a focus on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In the clip, Will and Grace are voting for Clinton, while Karen is a Trump supporter. Jack has, however not decided yet…but is swayed quite quickly:

Jack: “I still haven’t heard the one thing that will convince me to vote for one candidate over the other”.
Will: “Katy Perry likes Hillary.”
Jack: “And bingo was her namo!”

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