Why South African art is selli

Why South African art is selling overseas

An interview with art collector Julian Smith about why he promotes South African art internationally and what to look for when buying South African art.

Why South African art is selli

Gordon Glyn-Jones is an artist, who lives and works in London. He is also a passionate supporter of Southern African art. Here he talks to art collector Julian Smith about the rise of South African art’s reputation internationally.

You are an art SA art collector in the UK looking to boost SA artists abroad. Why is it a good time for SA artists internationally?

The art market has seen a large increase in focus, and has become popular in being considered a viable ‘alternate investment’. With the disillusionment of traditional investment in the financial markets, investors are turning more towards tangible art investments. This increase across all tiers of the art market is seeing large investment and growth in emerging artists, and achieving record breaking prices for South African Masters in London and New York Auction houses.

What is it that makes you collect art?

Having grown up with both parents being great appreciators and collectors of art and ceramics, I naturally started collecting as soon as I could. I did not start spending large sums at the start and still don’t spend a great deal on most of the works I have. I have a very eclectic taste, but have a strong passion for South African art in particular. Perhaps because the everyday subjects that the artists draw their inspiration from are totally unique, and tends to resonate with me being familiar with the country, its landscape, rich cultures, diversity and history.

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What 5 SA artists between you would you recommend people buy?

Justin Dingwall – Photography
Faith47 – Street Art
Ruan Huisamen – Drawings
Senzo Shabangu – Printmaking
Zolile Phetsane – Pastels and Painting

If others are looking to buy SA art in the UK can they contact you?

Absolutely! For both personal and corporate collecting – info@torsonart.com

Things to look for when buying South African art

Find out more about the artist, their history and training. Look at other works that they have done in the past to see if there is a distinctive style, technique, and if there is a recognisable theme running through their work. All these points make up the Artists identity and ultimately their brand. Like anything collectable, Art becomes valuable when it is collected by many, and is typically collected when its easily recognisable. When buying an older work, and whether for the love of the work, or investment, or both, its wise to check the provenance of the work. This is the history of who owned it and which galleries or dealers its has been through if there have been several.