viggy qwabe

Photo: IdolsSA / TW

Viggy Qwabe: Idols SA contestant shocks SA with dramatic exit

Viggy Qwabe opted to follow her twin sister out of the competition.

viggy qwabe

Photo: IdolsSA / TW

Mzansi Magic has confirmed that Virginia’s twin, Viggy Qwabe, has decided to follow her eliminated sister out of Idols SA, meaning that there will be no elimination round in this weekend’s episode.

Why did Viggy Qwabe opt-out of Idols SA?

Virginia and Viggy Qwabe were undoubtedly Idols SA fan favourites. The pair’s vocal talents matched with the fact that they were identical twins (you could literally not tell them apart) gave them an edge for the public vote.

However, the road to Idols SA stardom fell short for Virginia, who got axed on Sunday’s episode. While some fans were still dealing with this reality, nobody expected Mzansi Magic’s announcement that came shortly after the episode.

The channel noted that “Viggy Qwabe, who still remained in the Idols competition post tonight’s elimination, has decided to exit the competition”.

The dramatic twist means that the elimination round that should take place on Sunday, 27 October will be stricken off. Mzansi Magic noted that the phone lines for voting have been closed, as a result of Viggy Qwabe’s voluntary exit.

“Mzansi Magic would like to advise all Idols fans to note that all voting lines have been closed for this round and there will be no elimination in the upcoming episode,” the channel wrote.

Fans react to dramatic twist

Fans were divided on the decision — that may have been a first for the long-running talent show — Viggy Qwabe took. Some felt that it was a connection that only twins would understand, while others felt like she had — without being provoked — fumbled with an opportunity that, in the end, would have benefitted both sisters.

What to expect from the next episode

Idols SA fans will expect to see how the remaining contestants and judges respond to this development. For now, Micayla Oelofse, Nolo Seodisha, Sneziey Msomi and Luyolo Yiba get free passage to advance to the Top Four.

“We would like to wish both Viggy Qwabe and Virginia Qwabe all the best in their career as they are both extremely talented,” Mzansi Magic stated.