According to the bookies, this is what Kylie Jenner will name her new baby

According to the bookies, this is what Kylie Jenner will name her baby

Betting experts think her and boyfriend Travis Scott will give the kid a rather… unique name

According to the bookies, this is what Kylie Jenner will name her new baby

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner is the talk of the entire planet right now. She gave birth to a baby girl last week, after shunning the spotlight through almost all of her pregnancy. As reported by The Standard, there’s one name the couple are set on…

The 20-year-old fashion model and member of the Kardashian / Jenner family revealed she had a daughter on Sunday 4 February. Inevitably, the news both thrilled fans and irked those non-plussed by her exploits.

Newest Kardashian / Jenner child gets the world talking

But one thing we are learning with this family is that if one of them has a baby, some betting firm somewhere in the world will be offering odds on what the child’s name will be. Bookies are usually used in sport to indicate how likely a team is to win, but that can expand into lifestyle and political events too.

What’s the early favourite, we hear you ask? That would be ‘Butterfly‘. As in, the little-winged insect. Yes, it seems like both Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott really enjoy a practical joke, and Betfair are offering a price of 6/4 on that name.

If you were to bet R100, you’d end up with R250 back. Unfortunately, Betfair aren’t operating in South Africa – but they are giving us the clearest indication on what the superstar couple might choose to call their child:

What will Kylie Jenner call her baby?

Butterfly – 6/4

Amateur detectives amongst you will realise that both Travis and Kylie have matching butterfly tattoos – a cryptic sign, perhaps? This is the outright favourite.

Kayleigh – 6/1

The Kardashian / Jenner family have a habit of naming their daughters with the letter ‘K’, and a R100 bet on Kayleigh would earn you R700 back.

Penelope – 8/1

The third favourite choice is also the name of sister Kourtney’s daughter. You could make R900 by placing a R100 bet on this cute moniker.

Kris – 40/1

Will Kylie Jenner be the first of the Kardashian clan to name a child after their mother? Kris is a long shot at 40/1, and placing R100 on this will earn you a tidy R4,100 should they go ahead with it.