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What is an IVF Holiday? Understanding why people are traveling abroad for IVF Treatment

(Partner Content) It may be a struggle to find the right IVF treatment in your own country which is why you may want to consider going on an IVF holiday.

Setting a paper plane free into the sky. Image credit: Supplied

Image credit: Supplied

Dealing with an infertility diagnosis is no easy feat. For the best experience possible, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy fertility partner who can see you through the ins and outs of your conception journey. Unfortunately, not every person or family finds the opportunities they’re searching for within their home country. This is how an IVF Holiday came to be.

What do you do if local, regional, or national clinics don’t have the solutions you’re searching for? Are your chances of becoming a parent obsolete? 

Not necessarily – you could always take an IVF holiday instead.

If you’re interested in an alternative route to receiving the infertility treatments you need, it might be time to investigate treatments on the other side of the world.

Explaining the Idea of an IVF Holiday

An astounding number of people travel from far-away locations to receive healthcare services in the United States each year. In fact, a 2013 study deduced that America received an additional $3.3 billion in medical tourism costs alone. 

While anyone can say they’re traveling abroad for infertility treatments, why not put a fun spin on the experience and call it an IVF holiday?

That’s right; many people leave their home countries for extended vacations to receive fertility care in the United States, such as IVF. 

What Are the Benefits of Traveling Abroad for Fertility Treatments?

Why do so many individuals leave places like the United Kingdom and Australia behind when they’re desperate for IVF and other treatments? 

There are a few different benefits that taking an IVF holiday to the United States affords you, like:

Lower Costs

First and foremost, the top reason many people travel abroad for infertility solutions is cost. 

In the United States, the average price of IVF cycles is between $24,373 and $38,015. This is significantly lower than infertility treatments in other parts of the world. Additionally, many facilities and donor egg organizations, such as Donor Egg Bank USA, offer options to reduce the monetary stress of seeking fertility care.   

Reduced Stress

No matter where you live, our lives are filled with the hustle and bustle of work, school, family, and social events. It can sometimes feel like we’re working several full-time jobs.

Add fertility treatments into the mix and things can become stressful, overwhelming, and tough to keep track of. 

Rather than adding one more item to their to-do lists, many hopeful parents are intrigued by the thought of infertility vacations. Why not go through IVF without the pressures of everyday life?

Enhanced Regulation

One of the most impressive benefits about American healthcare is how it goes above and beyond typical regulations found in other parts of the world. If you’re interested in reliable and high-quality fertility treatments, the United States offers the top-notch care you deserve.

Improved Selection of Sperm & Egg Donor Candidates

An estimated 42% of people who take an IVF holiday for fertility-related care are seeking donor egg opportunities. One of the primary reasons the United States has become a leader in this area is because of their vast selection of sperm and egg donor candidates.

Additionally, donors picked through American organizations will have undergone rigorous screening protocols to ensure only quality specimens are made available to prospective parents.

Planning Your IVF Holiday, the Right Way

Despite its name, an IVF holiday isn’t entirely without its challenges. After all, there’s still an end goal which must be achieved during your international stay.

If you’re looking for ways to minimize the stress you experience throughout your international fertility treatment, it’s essential to have a proper plan in place. There are several important tasks to do before anyone sets out for their IVF holiday.

  • Do Your Research: Consider anything you might be looking for in terms of fertility treatments and conduct thorough research with those goals in mind. 
  • Ask Fellow IVF Patients: Whether through your local fertility clinic or online support groups, speaking with someone who’s undergone an IVF cycle abroad is a great first step in planning your experience.
  • Communicate with Your International Healthcare Team: Whichever location and clinic you choose for your IVF cycle, remain in regular contact with them before your travel commences. Make sure you have an in-depth view of what the process will entail.
  • Retrieve Any Necessary Documentation from Your Current Doctor: There’s certain information international doctors will want to know before your cycle begins. Find out what they need and get in touch with your primary care doctor to have the records sent over. 
  • Trust Yourself: Jumping onto a plane and heading to another part of the world for fertility treatment can be a scary idea. Don’t ignore your gut throughout the experience. If something doesn’t feel right, ask yourself whether you’re making the best choice for you and your family.

IVF Holidays Aren’t as Challenging as They Seem

No matter how it seems, planning and executing an IVF holiday doesn’t need to be a hassle. If you’re searching for different treatment options, do your research and determine whether this choice is the right one for you.

All in all, many hopeful parents find international fertility treatment to be the breath of fresh air and opportunity they’re longing for.