Food prices Cape Town Johannesburg Durban

Shopping basket. Photo:

Cape Town vs Joburg vs Durban: Who has the highest food prices?

Food prices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban vary. But, while we’re in lockdown, it’s intriguing to see who’s getting value-for-money.

Food prices Cape Town Johannesburg Durban

Shopping basket. Photo:

Well, there’s not a great deal we can do during this government-mandated lockdown. The trip to the grocery store has actually become something of an activity to look forward to, given that its one of very few reasons that we’re allowed to leave the house. But how do food prices compare in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban?

Food prices in South Africa

Indeed, there will be some shoppers getting their goods cheaper than others, based solely on their geographical location. That’s if they manage to avoid a few sneaky price hikes, too. Numbeo, who rely on thousands of user-submitted data sets, have provided us with a bounty of information.

We’re looking at 14 of the most popular items that are purchased across all supermarkets in Mzansi. The prices given below are average figures, as submitted by South African citizens. Here’s our official price check:

Cape Town vs Johannesburg vs Durban – average food prices

(Prices based on the average value submitted by Numbeo users in South Africa)

Food prices and itemsPrice in Cape TownPrice in JohannesburgPrice in Durban
A litre of milkR16.38R16.12R14.57
A loaf of breadR14.02R14.28R13.57
1kg of riceR23.64R21.24R20.53
Dozen eggsR30.78R30.56R24.66
Cheese (500 gram block)R53.03R53R47
1kg of Chicken filletsR86.04R76.65R63.03
Apples (individual food prices)R2.50R2.37R2.03
Bananas (individually priced)R2.17R1.88R1.67
Oranges (individually priced)R2.81R3.12R2.65
Tomatoes (individually priced)R2.77R2.69R2.04
1kg of potatoesR18.43R16.86R13.33
Onions (individually priced)R1.95R1.83R1.57
A head of lettuceR12.02R12.57R11.53
1kg of beefR111.05R101.64R87.92

Cape Town is the most expensive, Durban comes up trumps

Judging by the total and individual value of these items, Cape Town is officially the most expensive city to shop in. The jewel in the Western Cape’s crown is closely followed by Johannesburg, and neither can hold a candle to Durban: The cost-busting food prices are consistent across the board in KZN. Furthermore…

  • Johannesburg is responsible for the most expensive sales of lettuce, oranges and bread loaves between the three.
  • For 11 of the 14 items on the list, Cape Town’s prices are the most costly.
  • The items listed are 16% cheaper in Durban than they are in Cape Town. Johannesburg is 6% cheaper than the Mother City, but 13% more expensive than Durban.