bro code

People playing the bro code video. image via Instagram @pee_ashes

Watch: When bro understands the bro code

A friend did what most boys fail to do – many fans praised him saying he has understood the bro code well.

bro code

People playing the bro code video. image via Instagram @pee_ashes

An Instagram reel went viral when a bro showed he understood the ‘bro code’.

In the social streets, a bro code is a behaviour expected from a brother/friend.

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The idea of the bro code is that one stands with his brother no matter what.

Whatever a bro did to disadvantage another bro when women or girls are involved violates the bro code.

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In some societies, the bro code is usually associated with what they call ‘Wing man.’

The video below showed what most fans agreed: it epitomized the bro code.

“When bro understands the bro code 😮‍💨🫡 #reels #viralreels #explore”

bro code
People playing with a card. Image via Instagram @pee_ashes


The young people in the video looked like students at a high school or early in college.

They played with a girl kissing boys around, blocking the lips with a playing card.

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She made the round with everyone, following the game rule to keep the card in their mouth to avoid a real kiss.

When she arrived at another guy, she wanted to do the same until the wingman blew the card with his mouth.

The card fell, and in seconds, the guy kissed the young lady directly to the lips.


After the video went viral, many fans agreed that the bro understood the bro code.

“Omo, the guy that took the card is so cute, and his smile is killer”

“Na secondary school love still sweet pass 😢 no be this new sec school ooo😂😂old one wey be say na neatness,fine face,swags,waves hair low cut and other parts go make you Dey trip”

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“Wow 😲 I’ve repeatedly watched it I love it meehn😍😍👏”

“❤️❤️❤️❤️😭I need one lyk this wwho will always understand bro code”

“Omo the guy that took the card is so cute and his smile is killer”

“Mehn I miss my secondary school days when 90 💯 of the guys in the senior class wanted me , they all wanted me to be their girlfriend I chop life for canteen shaa 😂I no dey touch my lunch money again”