Unit 1 has been offline for nearly a year.Image: Twitter/@Eskom

[Watch] Eskom ROASTED by these local comedians

Watch as Eskom gets roasted by these local comedians, including Schalk, Casper, Trevor – and Themba Robin’s 2019 viral video!


Unit 1 has been offline for nearly a year.Image: Twitter/@Eskom

Eskom has been South Africa’s national electricity provider since 1923, although they haven’t always been famous for providing a steady flow of power to the country.

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Loadshedding was implemented one day, and just never went away again – leaving businesses and households battling to function with batteries or candles.

Have you been affected by loadshedding in South Africa?

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Almost everyone in the country could say yes to this question, including some of our most famous comedians. Themba Robin, Trevor Noah, Casper de Vries and Schalk Bezuidenhout have all had something to say about Eskom, loadshedding, and how we all cope with it.

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Watch for some comic relief as some of our most beloved comedians ROAST the national electricity provider for doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Eskom loadshedding 101 by Themba Robin

Themba Robin is a South African comedian and YouTube influencer whose channel already has more than 6k subscribers from all over the world. His video posted about loadshedding went viral several years ago, getting a laugh at Eskom’s expense back in 2019.

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Here’s what this comedian had to say about the electricity situation in 2019. It’s almost scary how it can still be as relevant as if it was posted to social media channels yesterday!

Trevor Noah on Loadshedding

Trevor Noah has achieved international fame as a comedian and presenter, but for South Africans he’s always going to be a comedian with his feet planted firmly on home soil. Many of his gags are truly South African – and mixed with an international experience, this might be a huge part to his success.

Being South African, he’s shared his thoughts about Eskom before.

Watch what Trevor had to say.

Casper de Vries: Eskom

Casper de Vries achieved fame as a South African comedian with an edge, who today is also known for adding painter to his list of accomplishments. He’s also added his thoughts to the loadshedding debate, with this segment about Eskom from one of his live shows back in the 2000s.

Schalk Bezuidenhout talks Eskom and loadshedding

Schalk Bezuidenhout is better known as the comedian with the hair and jerseys, which must get uncomfortable under those stage lights! He hails from the suburb of Kempton Park, and during loadshedding (and lockdown) he documented his thoughts using his Facebook account.

It’s like the video diary from I Am Legend, but with less electricity.