Want to work in the UK? See here

Want to work in the UK? See here Image: Pexels

Want to work in the UK? These jobs are in demand!

The United Kingdom (UK) is an attractive country for South African migrants. Here are the jobs that can help you get over there.

Want to work in the UK? See here

Want to work in the UK? See here Image: Pexels

The UK’s economy also offers work advancement opportunities to a number of professionals with key skills that are required in the UK.

Sought-after positions in the UK’s public and private sectors are often attractive propositions to South Africans.

So, a number of South Africans work in the UK as teachers, nurses, care workers, or in the business sector.  

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There are many jobs that are in high demand in the UK, which makes it simpler for South Africans to obtain visas and establish a comfortable life there.

Some of the most in-demand jobs in the UK include in its healthcare, engineering, technology, education, and business sectors.


According to the UK’s Skilled Worker Visa Shortage Occupations list, some of the most in-demand jobs are in the country’s healthcare, engineering, technology, education, and business sectors.


Here is a list of the professions that are in high demand in the United Kingdom. Potential migrants may find this list useful for skilled visa applications.

Healthcare Professionals

If you are a skilled healthcare professional from outside the UK, you will be able to work in the UK via the Skilled Worker visa program.

Thus, with this visa, you can stay and work in the UK for a maximum of five years and will be able to extend the visa forever.


In the UK, there is a great need for engineers in areas related to civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, and design and development.

If you have a relevant degree or work experience, you will be a qualified applicant.

According to Engineering UK, the sector is expected to grow at a rate of 2.7% annually between 2022 and 2027.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting are considered highly esteemed professions in the UK.

Therefore these professionals are always in short supply for businesses in the UK.

This profession opens doors to many opportunities with high-paying salaries.

Business Management Professionals

Businesses are always looking for management professionals.

As such, many UK companies seek qualified and experienced professionals in roles such as Human resource management, marketing and sales and operations management.

Architects, Systems Designers, and IT Business Analysts

The job outlook in this sector is favourable. This sector is predicted to expand as long as businesses continue to invest in IT.

According to the UK’s National Career Services, there will be a job growth of 4.2% in this sector by 2027.

Moreover, over 5,200 new jobs can be expected.

Up to 49,600 job opportunities will be created in the same period because 39.6% of the current workforce will retire.

Programmers and Software Development Professionals

There is a high demand for these professionals in the UK, and the country opens the doors of opportunity for these workers.

A 4.2% job growth is expected to be seen in this sector by 2027, with 12,500 new jobs.

Thus, there will be 118,900 job openings in the same period as there will be a retiring workforce.

Actuaries, Economists, and Statisticians

Professionals who utilize mathematics and statistics to address problems include statisticians, actuaries, and economists.

They are significant players in a number of sectors, such as government, finance, and insurance.

According to National Career Services, by 2027, there will be 1,800 new jobs in this industry with a 4.3% job growth. So there are expected to be 23,200 job opportunities during that time due to the 55.3% retirement rate of the UK workforce.

In conclusion, the above information may help South Africans who have the skills to secure job opportunities in the UK.

According to Y-Axis workers in these professions are likely to be able to secure permits if necessary.

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