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The Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve in the City of Tshwane.
Photo: Voortrekker Monument.

Voortrekker Monument in 3D

The SA Voortrekker Monument located in PTA can be seen on a virtual, 3D tour thanks to the wonder of the internet.

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The Voortrekker Monument and Nature Reserve in the City of Tshwane.
Photo: Voortrekker Monument.

The South African Voortrekker Monument located in Pretoria can be seen on a virtual, three-dimensional tour thanks to the wonder of the internet.

Visitors who want to get as close to the real experience as possible can see the Monument and its art through a virtual tour without leaving the house!

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Here’s how you can tour some of Southern Africa’s monuments from the comfort of your home, while still learning more about the country’s history and important places.

The Voortrekker Monument in 3D

A virtual tour of the Voortrekkert Monument has been available on Open Agenda since 2020.

Visitors can experience the Monument in three-dimensions, walking around an interactive pictureframe of the monument just like they would in real life.

The monument is located in Pretoria, which could be a far drive for many South Africans who would love to see a glimpse.

Virtuals tours like these allow South Africans to have the experience without the long drive, seeing things they might not have otherwise been able to access with a click.

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It’s not the only museum or monument to be granted this honour. Visitors can also see international tours of museums like The Louvre.

About the Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument is a South African National Monument, located in Pretoria (Gauteng).

According to its history, the monument was inaugurated in the year 1949 to commemmorate the Groot Trek. The building was designed by famous architect Gerhard Moerdijk, and for many people have become a symbol of South Africa’s founding history.

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Unfortuantely, the same Monument has also drawn controversy from South Africans after allowing singer Steve Hofmeyr to perform there.

In 2012, it was declared a National Heritage Site.

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