Veldskoen for school: SA's new footwear for students

Veldskoen for school: SA’s new footwear for students. Image: Screengrab / Veldskoen

Veldskoen for school: SA’s new footwear for students

SA’s iconic Veldskoen brand has turned its attention to footwear for students. Here’s why scholars should be wearing these new school shoes!

Veldskoen for school: SA's new footwear for students

Veldskoen for school: SA’s new footwear for students. Image: Screengrab / Veldskoen

Veldskoen, locally known as Vellies, is a uniquely South African shoe. The brand is typically made from vegetable-tanned leather or soft hide uppers that are attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole, without using any tacks or nails.

Nowadays, it is no surprise when spotting people from other corners of the world wearing Veldskoen. These bespoke South African shoes have taken the world by storm.


Veldskoen Shoes, manufacturer of the iconic Veldskoen brand has partnered with Softer Shoes to produce the ideal school shoe for South African students.

The new school shoe range aims to create awareness of the importance proper footwear plays in supporting a child’s well-being and educational development.


Veldskoen is the quintessential SA shoe brand. The new school shoe, the ‘Schoolskoen’, is designed with the South African child in mind.

Schoolskoen shoes are robust and comfortable. The new footwear range for scholars is highly durable. The shoes are made from high-quality grain leather with strong stitching and soles.

Every pair of Schoolskoen shoes is likely to last long enough to be passed on to a sibling – or another child, once the original wearer has outgrown them.

Schoolskoen, the new Veldskoen for school. Image: Screengrab/Veldskoen


South Africans face challenges every day. Loadshedding and extended periods without water are common.

Reduced safety due to spiking crime levels concerns everyone. Increased financial instability is another worry we face almost every day.

Each pair of Schoolskoen shoes comes with a free subscription to ‘Are You Okay?’.

This online mental health platform with course material and online counselling support is designed to help children cope with stress and bullying, and the challenges of modern life.


Wearing comfortable and well-fitting school shoes helps to enhance a student’s self-confidence and well-being.

This allows scholars to concentrate on their studies without the distraction and discomfort of shoe-related issues.

It also ensures students can participate safely and confidently at school.


All products in the Veldskoen shoes range are manufactured in South Africa.

Veldskoen recently partnered up with local carrier Lift Airlines, to ensure that its flight crews are kitted out in comfortable footwear every day.  

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