Images via Twitter: @NahlaEman1

Hungry for work: Eatery overwhelmed by desperate job seekers [photos]

Jostling for jobs: Scarce employment opportunities in SA have been brought into sharp focus by the unprecedented crowd of job seekers outside a popular Johannesburg eatery.


Images via Twitter: @NahlaEman1

South Africa is currently experiencing its highest-ever unemployment rate in history. Many people’s desperation for employment at this stage has been highlighted by photos that show how hundreds of people queued outside the Linden branch of Maps Mapoyane’s Buns Out restaurant in Johannesburg after some job listings were issued for staff.

Photos show reality of SA unemployment

Statistics SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) showed the official unemployment rate had hit a record high of 32,5% since the start of the survey in 2008. Economists have however predicted that the economy will expand by 3.4% in 2021 and add 467 000 jobs – they did, however, warn that it will take time for the large numbers of unemployement to shift.

Taking to Twitter one man helped shine a light on the dire situation in the country when he shared the snaps of people waiting outside a Buns Out restaurant to get the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of a job as a chef, waiter, or bar attendant after the organisation sent out a job advertisement for the positions.

“This breaks my heart…people are hungry out there…Eish, ku rough #UnEmployement,” @NahlaEman1 captioned the heartbreaking photos.

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People react to photos

The post received over 4000 reactions from many people who could relate to the hardships citizens of South Africa are faced with on a daily basis. Many of them headed to the comment section where they shared their thoughts on the damning unemployment rate.

Others simply resorted to bashing the government for not doing enough to help get more people employed and able to provide for themselves:

@hazel_mahazard said:

“This happened to us when @MojaLoveTv had auditions last year. The popo was called to dismantle us, sad when you woke up at 4am and used your last money to get there. We are hungry and we’re trying despite being called the lazy gen. I was vaccinated by a Nigerian this week. Njani?”

@DubeNh said:

“And ku rough. You can imagine a father of three who is unemployed, with no income. Wakes up every morning searching for a job, goes back to his family in the evening empty-handed. The kids will look at his face expecting good news but guess what this will be a daily thing.”

More on Buns Out

Earlier this year we reported how media personality Maps Maponyane took to his Twitter page to sadly announce the closure of his third Buns Out branch in Rosebank. In the announcement, he mentions that they had opened the branch with the hope that they would open more restaurants around the country but the national lockdowns have made it difficult to stay open.

Things must be looking up for him though seeing that he is looking for more employees at his Linden branch.

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