Uber Eats

Photograph of Uber Eats. Image: Ben Stansall / AFP

Uber Eats customer drops R33k on one order!

Uber Eats in SA shatters records with a massive single order, highlighting unique consumer trends and the commitment of its delivery team.

Uber Eats

Photograph of Uber Eats. Image: Ben Stansall / AFP

Uber Eats has revolutionised the way South Africans enjoy their meals. As a leading food delivery service, it connects a diverse range of cuisines with people across the country, embodying convenience and variety.

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Record-Breaking Orders

In 2023, Uber Eats in South Africa witnessed a spectacular event: an order totalling a jaw-dropping R33,000. This record-breaking order, placed on a bustling rugby match day, included two substantial alcohol purchases from the same vendor.

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It highlights not just the spending power of customers but also their trust in the company for delivering large and timely orders during significant events.

Uber Eats and Consumer Preferences

The diversity of Uber Eats’ customers is clearly evident in their unique ordering habits. A particularly memorable series of orders came from a pregnant woman who ordered a specially modified tempura platter six times to satisfy her cravings, each time ensuring it was pregnancy-friendly.

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Another heartwarming instance involved a homesick user craving the familiar taste of Pretoria’s braai meat, a poignant reminder of the comfort food can provide.

Vegan Trend Growth in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is emerging as a new hub for vegan cuisine, surpassing Cape Town in this trend. Uber Eats reported a 23% increase in vegan orders from Johannesburg, signaling a significant shift in dietary preferences.

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This growth reflects the evolving tastes of consumers and the adaptability of Uber Eats in meeting these new demands.

The Dedication of Uber Eats Delivery Personnel

The commitment of Uber Eats delivery personnel is another story of dedication and hard work. The busiest among them completed more than 9,000 trips in a year, an endeavour comparable to traversing the distance between Cape Town and Johannesburg over 30 times.

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This incredible feat underscores the lengths to which Uber Eats staff go to ensure timely and reliable service.