Council wants Twickenham pubs

Council wants Twickenham pubs to close at 22:00 during the Rugby World Cup

You might need to rethink your post-match Rugby World Cup pint.

Council wants Twickenham pubs

If you’re heading to London for the 2015 Rugby World Cup, you might want to rethink your post-match drinks. The Richmond council want pubs around Twickenham to close at 22:00 on match day.

While this move pleases residents who have to deal with an influx of drunken fans, the pub and bar owners aren’t so happy.  Pub landlords say they lose out on a lot of custom if they close their doors early on. Some have also expressed concerns about what this might mean for the image of British hospitality.

Jonathon Swaine, managing director of Fuller’s brewery told the BBC: “We have dealt with post-rugby crowds for decades and we have no intention of stopping now.

“With the Rugby World Cup just round the corner, we should be gearing up to show British hospitality at its absolute best, not putting up the closed signs.”

This is in stark contrast with what happened during the 2014 Soccer World Cup. Legislation was relaxed and pubs were allowed to stay open until 01:00 due to the different timezones.

Twickenham will host 10 games during the tournament which begins on 18 September, including most of England’s games, both semi-finals and the final on Saturday, 31 October.