16 Funny Tweets for anyone who

16 Funny Tweets for anyone who feels like January is going on forever

If you’re paycheck is a distant memory and it feels like it is January 85, this is for you! For the internet, it feels like January has been going forever. Check it out:

16 Funny Tweets for anyone who

Yes it is still January! While the December holidays are officially a distant memory – and you celebrated New Years in what feels like six years ago, we are finally on the brink of the end. Yes, it is almost (finally) February !

The following Tweets shows how people of the world feel about January – the longest month ever – and its just too darn funny.

As Buzzfeed graciously pointed out, people are ready for February.

But it isn’t over yet…


It’s been a very long time for those who received an early December paycheck…

Payday is a distant memory:

Everybody’s looking forward to the 1st of February…

It’s time to move on from January…


Think about all of the things you’ve done since the beginning of January…

Maybe it’s March?

How many months does January have?


People want answers!

Everyone’s ready for January to be over…

That makes sense:

It’s never ending.


A lifetime of happiness:

Forever young:

On Friday, it will be over! Hang in there.

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