Trevor Noah Daily Show interview tiktok doug romeo

Image supplied by Omaze

Watch: US TikTok user really hates Trevor Noah – Here’s why

“Americans will have to learn about the Voetsek today”, one netizen said.

Trevor Noah Daily Show interview tiktok doug romeo

Image supplied by Omaze

American TikTok user, Doug Romeo, caused an outcry on the social media platform when he spoke out about the celebrity he “hates the most”, Trevor Noah. Needless to say, South Africans rallied to Noah’s support.

Romeo seems to have a gripe with Noah carving out a better life for himself in America. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Romeo also had a few choice words for South Africa as a whole. Here’s what happened.

Doug Romeo hates Trevor Noah, clearly

‘You’ve never struggled’

Romeo uploaded his video to TikTok, in which he expresses his anger at Noah for speaking out about the treatment of Black people in America, saying Noah doesn’t “know the struggle”.

“You’ve never struggled in this country. […] You’re living in mansions and taking it easy, what’s your [expletive] struggle”.

Romeo goes on to say that Noah was “provided” with a better life in America – because that’s apparently what we say now instead of “working hard to create a better life” for oneself.

Watch: Doug Romeo’s viral video

The US TikTok user also takes issue with Noah’s comments about the American national anthem:

“Then you talk about how we are the only country in the world to play the national anthem before sporting events. That’s because we love our country more than anyone else does.”

The TikTokker then takes a swipe at South Africa as a whole, which unfortunately didn’t end all that well from him: “You lived in South Africa, I wouldn’t stand for that [expletive] either”.

South Africans rally behind Trevor Noah

Needless to say, South Africans flocked to Romeo’s comment section to defend Noah, whether they were a fan of the comedian and The Daily Show host or not. One user said:

“Americans will have to learn about the word Voetsek today. Voetsekkkkkkkk all the way from Namibia”.

Another TikTok user said, “Trevor Noah can relax on this one, his brothers and sisters got this one,” while another user wished Romeo the best of luck for “landing straight on South Africa’s FYP (For You Page)”.

“I’m also South African and I also don’t like [Trevor Noah] but voetsek wena! Don’t bad mouth our people from the comfort of your phone. Tsek! Msunu. Regards, Proudly Mzansi”. [sic]

One user known only as Peliwembange said, “Rest, oupa, rest, You need a zol and chill”, while Kira.385 said: “Please note, America didn’t provide a better life for him. He created that better life for himself”.

“South Africans really are like siblings, always fighting each other, but as soon as an American comes for one of us, we all stand together.” [sic]