UK Spouse Visa

Frequently Asked Questions on the UK Spouse Visa: Image: Adobe stock

Traveling to the UK is about to get A LOT more expensive

Massive prices hikes for visas in October are going to make traveling to the UK a A LOT more expensive. Here’s how much you’ll pay …

UK Spouse Visa

Frequently Asked Questions on the UK Spouse Visa: Image: Adobe stock

It’s bad news for South Africans and expats traveling to the UK. Visa price hikes that will take effect in October 2023 are about to make traveling to the UK a lot more expensive. Business Tech is reporting that South Africans who need visas traveling to the UK are in for a shock with 15-20% price increases across the board.


traveling to the UK
UK visas are getting more expensive for South Africans. Image by Pexels

The reason behind this is UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, having to come up with creative ways to fill government coffers without raising taxes. It’s not dissimilar to the financial crisis South African finds itself in, having to either increase VAT or cull the SASSA SRD grant.

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Nevertheless, Sunak has opted not to raise taxes for his citizens, but the government is increasing the cost of UK visas for foreign visitors. This is teamed with an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), which is essentially the cost of accessing the country’s National Health Service (NHS) if one is traveling to the UK.


Traveling to the UK
Traveling to the UK just got more expensive. Image: AdobeStock

The increased UK visa prices come into effective from 4 October 2023 onwards. A standard 6-month UK visa has increased by 15% from £100 (R2 299) to £115 (R2 644). A partner/spouse visa has increased by over 20% from £1 538 (R35 361) to £1 846 (R42 442).

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Thankfully, the cost of health and care visas are unchanged, as are student visas. Here are the updated UK visa prices for anyone who needs to take a trip:

Type of UK visaAdjusted price% change
Ancestry visa£637 (R14 645)19.96%
Partner/spouse visa£1 846 (R42 44220.03%
Innovator Founder visa£1 191 (R27 383)14.96%
Specialist Worker visa (>3 years)£1 420 (R32 648)14.97%
Specialist Worker visa (<3 years)£719 (R16 530)15.04%
Skilled Worker visa (<3 years)£551 (R12 668)15.03%
Skilled Worker visa (>3 years)£1,084 (R24 922)14.95%
Health and Care visa (<3 years)£247(R5 678)
Health and Care visa (>3 years)£479 (R11 012)
Student visa£490 (R11 265)
Youth Mobility Scheme visa£298 (R6 851)15.06%
Visitor visa (6 months)£115 (R2 644)15%
Visitor visa (2 years)£400 (R9 196)6.38%

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