Tourists empty swanky Cape Tow

Tourists empty swanky Cape Town hotel’s bar of beer in just 20 minutes

Take one five star Hotel in the Mother City and add 140 thirsty Brits; honestly, what did they think was going to happen?

Tourists empty swanky Cape Tow

The Barmy Army came, they sang and they drank… oh how they drank.

Look, if there’s one thing everyone knows – or should – about the Brits it’s that they love their beer; not as in ah it’s amazing. No, beer is a fundamental part of their culture and they drink it by the bucketloads.

So when they came to Mzanzi for the England-South Africa test series and paid a little visit to Sun International’s Table Bay hotel in the Waterfront; well, shit went down. 140 thirsty Brits descended on the five star hotel – a favourite of Oprah and Madonna – in the sweltering Cape Town heat and emptied the bar of all its beer in about 20 minutes.

“The most popular beverage for our English visitors was Castle Lager. Overall, our food and beverage sales indicate that December 2015 was one of our best months on record,” said Sun International’s Michael Farr.