cemair new route

Cemair to launch Harare flights. Image: HSVGerrit/ Flickr

Toilet breaks not allowed mid-flight in CemAir

South African airline, CemAir reveals that it has a no-toilet policy and passengers are told to use toilets at the airport.

cemair new route

Cemair to launch Harare flights. Image: HSVGerrit/ Flickr

CemAir has introduced a no-toilet policy on its smaller commercial flights which usually last for almost two hours.


IOL reports that passengers who board the smaller plane with commercial airline CemAir are warned before flying to use the airport toilets.

The commercial planes can carry two crew members and 19 passengers usually from South Africa to Botswana.

The South African airline operates 26 aircraft from OR Tambo airport and it is popular for tourists who love safari destinations.

The South African reached to Fly CemAir who haven’t yet responded to our questions at the time of publishing this article.


CemAir CEO, Miles van der Molen tells the publication that encouraging passengers to plan their needs before flying has been the most successful strategy.

Van der Molen adds that in reality, male passengers are being forced to relieve themselves into a bottle in front of fellow passengers.

He also reveals that using the toilet mid-flight is even embarrassing and more torturous for female flyers. He also says passengers who wish to cancel the trip because of the no-toilet policy will receive a full refund.

Van der Molen concludes that the airline will also not open the toilet in case of emergencies mid-flight.

CemAir recently trended on social media when MTV Base presenter Shamiso Mosaka was reportedly thrown out.

“I was not once vulgar, or inappropriate, or disruptive or disrespectful to anyone on the plane,” she told police in a viral video.

Briefly reports that she was forcefully removed after disputes with CemAir flight attendants after she heard her saying the f-word on a phone.

The airline revealed in a statement: “A late boarded passenger became unruly and abusive. Refusing to follow the lawful instructions of the cabin crew member.”

“When the cabin crew member determined that she was unable to reason with the passenger, she informed the Captain.”

“The Captain shut down the already running engines and attempted to persuade the passenger to comply with the safety regulations on board the aircraft.”

“When the Captain could not reason with the passenger either, the matter was handed over to the South African Police Service, and the passenger was removed from the aircraft.”