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‘My friends forgot’: Tito celebrates his birthday with ‘only one gift’

‘All my friends forgot to send presents,’ Tito Mboweni lamented after he only got one bottle of whisky…that cost R3500.

tito whisky

South Africa’s former finance minister Tito Mboweni recently celebrated his birthday. While birthdays are usually a very happy occasion, Tito didn’t seem to be happy. Taking to Twitter, the former minister sadly shared that all his friends forgot about his birthday and he only got one gift – a bottle of whisky that cost R3500.

Tito Mboweni blasts his friends for forgetting his birthday

“So many friends, only one gift,” Tito Mboweni wrote in a sad Twitter post detailing how many of his friends had forgotten about his birthday.

On 16 March this year, the former South African minister turned 63 but it appears it wasn’t as happy and joyous as he wanted or expected it to be because no one really remembered to buy him gifts.

“Let all those who want to know and investigate, know that this is the ONLY birthday present I received. All my friends forgot to send presents!! So many friends, one gift!!” he wrote in a tweet on 18 March this year.

If you’re wondering what the one gift was, it was a bottle of scotch whisky, Macallan Rare Cask that retails at around R3500 a bottle.

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Mzansi shares their thoughts

Many of Tito’s fans seemed to be sad for him and hurried to the comment section to share some advice with him about friends and how he should handle it. Others however asked if they could share his whiskey with him.

Here are some of their comments:

@davidkau1 said:

“They’re not your friends, leadership. No more tin fish for them.”

@DavidMVM said:

“Governor… I am in Limpopo tomorrow. Any chance of tot nyana”

@Matlho53 said:

“Dis waar. Ke Skeem se sleg, the minister was expecting boxes and boxes.”

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