natural makeup skincare

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Less is more with this natural no-makeup makeup look

Natural makeup is a simple approach that enhances your features subtly by focusing on your skin, eyes and lips.

natural makeup skincare

Image via Canva

The best part about the natural makeup look is that you don’t need to use a lot of product or know any complex techniques. Follow the steps below to get the look for gorgeous, natural-looking skin.

1. Wash your face

Start by preparing your face by washing it with a gentle soap or cleanser. Don’t exfoliate as this may lead to redness.

2. Moisturise

Apply a pea sized amount of moisturiser to hydrate and soften your skin before applying makeup. Do this even if your skin is oily as it ensures your make-up sits perfectly on your face without looking greasy.

3. Foundation

foundation makeup

Apply foundation lightly with your focus on problem areas or places you feel are over-pigmented. Use foundation sparingly and don’t forget to blend it in until it looks as natural as possible.

4. Concealer

Using a small brush, apply concealer lightly to problem areas. This technique is called micro-concealing. For dark circles swipe the brush under your eyes, then use your finger or a beauty blender to blend.

5. Powder

If you suffer from shiny skin, use a brush to apply powder that matches your skin tone lightly on your face. Powder will absorb any excess oil but do not use a bronzer as the goal is to look as natural as possible.

6. Blusher

Pick out a blush colour that is as close to your natural skin “blush” as possible. Apply blusher to the apples of your cheeks and blend until you have a subtle colour.

natural makeup skincare

7. Light Mascara

Simply curling your eyelashes is enough to give the natural makeup look. If you prefer to have definition, use a thin mascara comb to apply a maximum of two coats to each eye, combing right through your lashes.

8. Brush-up eyebrows

It’s essential not to have heavily done eyebrows for a natural look so simply brush your brows into place using a brow gel with fibres. If you have very light or patchy eyebrows use a brow pencil, but sparingly, to give them shape.

9. Lips

To give your lips a healthy and natural flush, gently exfoliate your lips with a light scrub to remove dead skin cells. Follow with your favourite lip balm for a soft finish.